1. Unfortunately no, only one response can be sent back from the lambda. You could, however have the lambda make an HTTP request back to your app to report progress. You'd have to set up the endpoint and figure out how to link the two together, but it'd be totally possible.

  2. This is absolutely great, and Strict Mode seems very useful, have you encountered any problems using it with Jetstream at all?

  3. I haven't used it with Jetstream, so I'm not entirely sure. It might be worth checking out the Jetstream repo, there are some issues there.

  4. Outstanding article! I saw the post yesterday but didn't have time to read... SO glad to have stumbled upon it again today, I will quote you and share it on my next dev meeting. We are actually upgrading Laravel on our projects and better security & performance is our main goap. Thank you!

  5. Looks great! I’m in Dallas too - were there any issues for getting electricity in the shed? Did you have to get permits for adding the electricity? I’m looking into a 10x10 or something for an office but would need the AC for the summer and power for computer… so need to run power out there

  6. Anything under 200 sq ft doesn't require building permits. For electricity I just had an electrician hook up the subpanel in the shed to the panel at the back of the house. I had three electricians come out and none mentioned anything about permits, so.... dunno there.

  7. Interesting. I’ve read some cities are more into following permitting requirements than others but I am pretty sure the electric hookup required permits while the shed construction did not.

  8. The shed company added the panel for me, i just had an electrician hook it up. That was 1k if I recall correctly!

  9. Sure. It's also the year of desktop Linux.

  10. Also full self driving Teslas, I think

  11. You don't have to depend on it to benefit from it!

  12. Interesting concept. I've never heard of that technique before.

  13. Cool right? I read about it in

  14. Hey yall! I wrote this package for SingleStoreDB, please let me know if you have any questions! SingleStoreDB is an incredibly powerful, scalable database platform that you should check out, especially now with the Laravel integration.

  15. Just got my M50 today and am disappointed to find the same thing. I can't get my Mac to recognize it no matter what

  16. Powdery mildew is a fungus, grows when the air is too damp/humid and/or there’s not enough sunlight. Cut that part off quick because it can spread fast to other plants Put the plant somewhere a little drier or more sun. Good luck!

  17. Thank you for the info! I think it's a little too dark where I have it in my office, I'll leave it out for a bit and then see if theres another spot inside that'd work for it

  18. Well that was fast! Thanks, now I know what to search. Any tips just off the top of your head?

  19. Unless you are in Georgia your insurance policy will not cover diminished value under collision coverage. Having frame damage is not unusual but any accident can affect resale. If you plan to keep the car for awhile it really doesn’t matter.

  20. Ugh. That's too bad. I'll still push for it, but thats good to know.

  21. Wouldn’t hurt to contact a personal injury attorney… most work pro bono and will fight for you… diminished value, personal injuries, etc

  22. I hate to say it, but the crash damage will be reported on both Carfax and Autocheck. It does sadly affect the value, and there just isn’t, to my knowledge, a way to get the insurance company to compensate you for that reduction in value. If you were to ever trade it in, or sell it outright to a dealership, they will knock value off for the collision damage regardless of how good the repair was. Your best best to obtain the full market value of the car is to sell it private party, where buyers frequently won’t look for the history reports the dealerships throw at them. Upshot is, you have a 4-runner - a super popular make/model that will be easy to sell. Keep the paperwork from the repair, and ask is the warranty on the work performed is transferable to a new owner.

  23. That's all really helpful information, especially about keeping the repair reports. Also a massive bummer. Thanks for the response!

  24. I feel like if you're not doing any SOA calling it a "microservice" is a bit clickbait-y.

  25. If you're talking about monoliths and microservices I'm pretty sure you do know. You just might not be familiar with the term.

  26. Mmm yeah, I'm not familiar with Service Oriented Architecture at all actually! I just kinda build stuff. I'll look into that more.

  27. I have the same issue on MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019) with macOS Monterey. It append only when I open a new tab and start very quickly to type on the search bar...

  28. This is exactly how it happens for me too!

  29. Super interesting, have you tested it on Postgres?

  30. I have not. In theory it should be the same, but Postgres is a little better at stuff so it may be a moot optimization.

  31. Deferred joins is what we use with displaying historic costs that you can then paginate through. Since a typical user has around 80000 of those and we just made it to 24000 users, you can see what we are dealing with. This is, however, temporary, as we are migrating data to DynamoDB because it’s just too much.

  32. I don't know too much about DynamoDB, but I've heard great things! 80k * 24k is certainly a lot of data.

  33. Nice... we do some similar stuff, but I think this is cleaner. /yoink/

  34. This is such a cool use case for a `while true`, If I understand correctly in the example you mention it essentially goes from waiting a minute for each method step to run to seconds since one pseudo-daemon passes to the next since they are in essence always running as a worker?

  35. Haha isn't it funny that it's basically a `while true` with some extra scaffolding? I kinda love that.

  36. I recently got the chance of using bitmasks in one of my projects and I absolutely love the idea. However, I wouldn't use it for the database.

  37. Great point about the notation, I'm going to add that to the post! Thank you.

  38. in the event you're using bitwise masks to store flags though, I'm sure it would be trivial to define some attribute accessors on your model. Those accessors can translate a bitwise mask to a boolean. Then you can just use the $appends property on models to make sure those booleans are always visible to anyone interacting with your app / it's resources. Of course if someone is interacting directly with your DB, that's of no help, but it's a little bit better! :)

  39. For sure! You could also use virtual columns in MySQL to break out the individual bits, if you wanted to.

  40. Ask very nicely and ye shall receive! Seriously, that was a thoughtful way to ask instead of saying "bro, do you even spatial?!"

  41. If i've spatial data... i'm using postgresql with postgis... or redis

  42. Those would both work! Sometimes we have to use what we've got, and MySQL is actually quite capable here.

  43. I don't understand this type of answer. Someone provides a useful deconstruction of a feature which solves one type of problem.

  44. > Users who ask "show me other properties that are within 1 mile of this property I'm looking at" really want to know about 1 mile of traveling and don't really care about a circle on a map.

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