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Better Call Saul S06E07 - [Mid-Season Finale] "Plan and Execution" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. Not going tonight, but I was at Malahide castle for The Killers. On the ticket it said doors at 5 pm. I arrived around 7, supporting act started around 7:30, Killers around 9.

  2. Cunts who don’t salute you back when you salute them on a walk/run, fuck you cunt

  3. Davide thinking he’ll get to know someone better by kissing them is so funny

  4. I’m still gonna see it assuming it even comes out. The hard work of the cast and crew shouldn’t be thrown away due to bigots and racists

  5. More legit people have been cancelled for less. This dudes done.

  6. This dude has always came off as super pretentious and rude on twitter and instagram. I'm not surprised lol

  7. So Obi-Wan not using Jedi Mind Trick on the Stormtroopers on Mapuzo? Wouldn't that have made the checkpoint stop less eventful? Before the probe droid? Worked on Tatooine. Also used it on the Deathsticks Guy on Coruscant in AOTC. So he knew about it, Jus sayin.

  8. I believe he was very disconnected from the force and it would’ve been too difficult. He struggled to even lift Leia

  9. I know everyone's mentioning howard's death. But I was so certain we would see walt after we saw the principal in the gym with gus.

  10. Ah crap I think I may be wrong actually. I must be completely blind.

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