1. I use all three. They all have strengths and weaknesses. It’s still very very early. In two years holy moly

  2. For me, it’s the greatest research tool ever. Like having Einstein as my personal research assistant. Sometimes it makes shit up when I push too hard, but that will hopefully improve.

  3. It also can be very creative and philosophical.

  4. It’s personal preference. Bing is my fav so far although it loses more and more personality every day

  5. I notice degradation in quality daily for the past week

  6. Atlanta is affordable and you won’t find cheaper flight tickets anywhere

  7. Bard is very confused. Hallucinates a lot, makes up answers. Give it some time I guess

  8. This seems to be happening more each day with Bing and Bard. Haven’t used ChatGPT in a few days so can’t comment on that. Last week, I took about 20 pages of notes on some extremely arcane topics. This week, Bing made up half the examples it cited and it was very difficult to get it to clarify.

  9. I’m guessing there are at least 10,000 dogs named Gumbo in town…

  10. So fast ? I thought it will Take weeks to get in

  11. I signed up at 9:30 and got access at 11:30.

  12. I signed up at 9:30 but no access yet. Wonder if it’s not a simple queue

  13. Been feeling out Bard all evening. So far, it’s hallucinating when I try to research arcane subjects and request specific examples.

  14. And this is why Bing is my personal preference so far

  15. Was this not the expected outcome when they kept saying they had enough but refused to give a number

  16. It was expected from day one when two certified circus clowns filed the petition.

  17. Where can I find more info besides the App Store?

  18. Holy shit. Talking to Bing is so much better than talking to MidJourney etc. This is gonna be amazing! Can’t wait! I’ll even pay for the service

  19. I still appreciate Bing’s ability to synopsize complicated topics. And I find that the more polite and warm I am, the better Bing performs. It’s true though, Sydney is dead.

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