1. I enjoyed it. The killer is so wonderfully creepy. I could see more...discerning viewers thinking it's kind of trashy. But I liked it!

  2. Weird that "maybe it's because you actually love each other" never entered into their minds

  3. Wait so...they were married at 74 and they weren't even in love? Who marries at 74 for the incredible sex????

  4. I hate how furious this makes me. Like I thought I was in control of my emotions but if someone ever said any of those things in front of me I don't know that I'd be able to restrain myself.

  5. Well whatever he has, in one video he uses air quotes when talking about the "PANDEMIC" which tells me everything I need to know about him.

  6. What's that fetish where they get off on being INSIDE a giant penis? Is that still considered vore?

  7. I just just want to make clear that stopping at Starbucks was just one of the problems here. She was in her cell for 2 hours after her water broke and no help came despite pleas. And then they sent her in a police car to the hospital rather than in an ambulance. Not to mention if being in jail and any lack of prenatal care had anything to do with the miscarriage to begin with.

  8. You...you know those are actually real teenage mutant ninja turtles, right? Tell me you understand that.

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