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  1. On rotten tomatoes it actually has 91% critic score and 92% audience. I don’t think it’s that it’s a bad movie. I just think people don’t go to movies as much anymore and when they do it’s usually for superhero and sci-fi/fantasy epics. Romantic comedies in general have been falling off. This looks like a movie that would have made more sense with a streaming release.

  2. Eichner concluded his thoughts by encouraging “everyone who isn’t a homophobic weirdo” to see “Bros,”…

  3. Can y’all not be toxic for 5 mins we been waiting all these years and some of y’all being rude

  4. No matter what he looked like they were gonna hate on him. I think it’s pretty brave of him to do, really. Especially since the FBI has told him there’s literal death threats on him.

  5. He’s handsome but the haters are going to slam him anyway. I’m glad he did it so he doesn’t have to hide and worry about it anymore.

  6. Everything I've ever experienced or heard regarding in-floor heating says the opposite. Is there a source for what you claim?

  7. So many redditors are 100% confident they know everything about a person's life after watching one short video on here. You don't know shit about this kid's life.

  8. I work at a school with Emotional Behavior Disorder kids and like a lot of you have already said parents probably used drugs or alcohol while pregnant, is being raised by the grandparents or older relatives, but also sometimes they just have a mental disorder and the kid may be off his medication. I have to restrain kids on a weekly basis so they stop doing damage to the classroom or others, the kids can be the nicest kids and really smart but when they get worked up over an issue and can't calm down they go into another level and never think about their actions. The older male did a good job restraining till the cops came because when dealing with the EBD students once they get past that point of no return the best thing we can do for them is restrain them until they are ready to stop attacking faculty and then hold them in a room until they have calmed down and can go back to the classroom.

  9. Basically everyone is making up back stories for the kid to explain it.

  10. I also think they look plastic. The chains seem to be resting lightly on the back of his neck, not digging into the fur and fleshy bits like a super heavy chain would.

  11. I think the links are just too big to dig into the skin like that.

  12. If you're donating 25% of your income, you're probably doing something illegal

  13. It's not 25% of their income. The whole graph is $2,775 a month. That's $33k a year. Their income is $100k a year.

  14. Can someone explain why it matters that this kid cheated on chess.com? Are there prizes there or rankings that matter in some way in real chess? Why couldn't using an engine while playing casually there be a valid form of practicing?

  15. I mean, he cheated enough to get his account banned. Chess.com says they have internal evidence he cheated more than he’s admitted. And yes the site has tournaments with prizes.

  16. I get that he was banned there for cheating, it's been mentioned all over the thread. My question is: what is the role of chess.com in the competitive chess world? Why does it matter to his professional career that he got banned from a website? Is the allegation that he won prizes there by cheating?

  17. I mean, a video game isn’t real race car driving. Playing on chess.com is real chess. It shows something about his character. If that were the only thing it would probably be shrugged off, but it’s that in combination with the statistics of his pro plays and his inability to explain his moves well. There’s no hard evidence, more like a collection of soft evidence, one of which is his ban from chess.com.

  18. At some point in your life you’ll jump for the last time and not even realize it. Reminds me of how every parent at some point picks up their child for the last time without knowing it’s the last.

  19. Making it a regular content series is not the same as keeping in touch with him.

  20. It literally is. He’d be talking to and seeing him regularly. What do you think keeping in touch means?

  21. “Hey dad, I miss you. Before I ask about the heart surgery, just know that this is a recorded line. Just keeping in touch like normal people, you know?”

  22. You wrote out one example. So? Are you the gatekeeper of what the phrase “keep in touch” means now?

  23. Saying that a film stock has unlimited resolution is like saying your PC monitor has unlimited resolution because you can break the pixels down into atoms

  24. There’s not really a concept of “resolution” for traditional film. That’s a digital concept. In traditional film it’s just a matter of how well your lens is focused.

  25. Now fist them up the butt and you’ll have a fire breathing arm like Godrick.

  26. The Cosby Show was very progressive at the time, both in portraying race and in feminism.

  27. In the 90s I never would have thought that’s so many people would believe such dumb conspiracy theories in the future. Anti-vax, flat earth, election fraud with zero evidence, QAnon, etc... The future we got is pretty insane.

  28. Yea what a poor sucker he is — he got manipulated into 9 years of happiness. /s

  29. Awww, he took it hard, but ultimately we are humans and sometimes we have doubts and temptations. He has to remember that ultimately she chose him. Good relationships aren’t easy to find. Too many redditors tell people to throw them away.

  30. Just sounds like the kind of thing people do for their Patreon subsribers. You only need a small portion of your fan base to do it for it to be worthwhile.

  31. ESH Yes, it was bad, but I think there’s better ways to ensure she understands the severity of it and most importantly to be sure she isn’t so careless in the future.

  32. GoT season one was so punctuated by the shocking ending though. Will HotD have an ending as iconic? Seems impossible.

  33. Prove it. We even have a whole court system for that purpose. The internet has gone crazy with declaring people guilty based on rumors passed around on forums and social media.

  34. I would have loved to have seen his face when the comments started pouring in.

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