1. I’m greedy, I’ll take a handful, a mouthful, and an assful. I’ll trade you a few cumshots inside you!

  2. It’s mean that they’re at a markup. They’re for people with disabilities preventing them having the grip strength to peel an orange.

  3. Invite him to play with you and the other players, and if he doesn’t want to play, you play without him.

  4. this type of junk happens everyday, motorcyclist needs to learn boundaries on the roads, they always seem to get an ego boost when passing someone going 90+ mph

  5. Cop needs to learn how to safely pull someone over. Better yet, not to pull him over at all, considering the cop was speeding 10-15mph faster, without using their lights to indicate it was part of a chase as per their duty.

  6. don’t drive up close and personal to people and this would happen to you

  7. Correction: the cop was going over 80, not signaling while changing lanes, then slamming on their brakes without cause on the highway IN FRONT OF A MOTORCYCLE. This officer is 100% at fault, and is absolutely fucked in court.

  8. We know that he’s run other schools into the ground.

  9. That’s like, not even 1/7th of his sexuality.

  10. Absolutely! I think we could handle one another just fine!

  11. I’m definitely deficient in vitamin D and vitamin A. Help me out?

  12. First it was the 🍑 but then I noticed that the 🍌 was gorgeous too!

  13. If this is a real question: son for a boy, daughter for a girl. Whichever gender they tell you they are.

  14. I feel like Sam Elliot would agree that it means he has a daughter.

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