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  1. Yes, indeed. Meanwhile, I'll be playing Souls. Hoping whatever DLC we do get redeems the story of ER for me.

  2. Damn. You really don’t Elden ring story? May I ask why? I love dark souls, I do prefer its gameplay to ER, but I actually love the story in this game. Maybe I’m just biased since I am a fan of GRRM, but I think the story in this game is pretty fucking cool tbh. I don’t even follow the story like that either, I’m not out reading every item description. Quite frankly, I can’t even remember what an NPC has said 5 minutes after I hear it…lmao. But in Elden Ring, you can get the major pieces of the story a little more clearly than in dark souls. With the swords everywhere, and Gideon having most demigods as repeatable dialogue for a large portion of the game, you can get a decent understanding of it all. I thought that was much more well done than having to piece together as much as DS.

  3. The best players aren't the ones who sit there for 50 hours fighting one boss at lvl 1. The best players are the ones that trivialize bosses in the shortest amount of time as possible.

  4. lol, do you actually feel proud when you see you've spent 100+ hours on a game? Tell me I'm wrong, please! But at least we agree that an actual ingame mechanic isn't a cheese, so you have that going for you. I'll pray for you, homie

  5. Do you actually feel proud of yourself? Pathetic if so.

  6. very glad to see this comment upvoted.

  7. Lol that’s what I get for trusting Apple’s auto correct lol.

  8. That’s the correct way to use it in this context.

  9. Though to be a further pedant, the roman pantheon is either a specific temple and/or the word for 'all there gods' - nothing to do with the Colosseum or any coliseums

  10. Yea I really didn’t know what other word to use but I figured it would help to make sense.

  11. That at least helps to somewhat understand why everyone is at each others throats!! I hope its not always like this, this community has always been so wholesome. But maybe Elden Ring community doesnt equate to the Souls community as much as in the past?

  12. it’s been almost all legitimate game time, too. I’d say maybe minus 15 hours altogether for very brief periods of material farming & random breaks; taking care of my dogs, eating, etc etc.

  13. The advice is super appreciated! Like you said, these games are cryptic and even though it can be a pain sometimes, i think we all like it still lol. Im gonna take your advice and check out the wiki and see how i have been doing with the quests so far, that should be interesting!

  14. You can also see NPC locations marked on the map now too, that does help tremendously when trying to follow quest lines. So what I do is look at an NPC on Fextralife. They have all the steps/location and stuff. I try not to spoil myself much, so generally I’d just open their tab when I found them (so I don’t forget.) and then if I haven’t run into them for awhile or i misunderstand something, I check what the next step is.

  15. Pretty close to an older SB dunk mid w/ Ostrich leather!

  16. I do too! They’re actually not leather. I don’t know if you have a dog but the material is actually a fabric that’s used on dog toys, or at least on some of the toys my dog has. It’s kinda like a baby blanket feeling but after using too much adhesive on some areas it’s stiffened and lost some softness specially on portions of the apron.

  17. haha no I know yours aren’t leather, but the ostrich leather on the Dunks has those same little dot materials if you look closely in the pic. They’re 2 of my favorite pairs. It’s really cool actually to see how closely your pair resembles them. It’s basically the same color way as the standard Ostrich pair of SBs.

  18. If you look closely you can see it's actually a butter knife, and quite incapable of stabbing anything other than bread and condiments. Still should probably teach the kids not to mess with the cutlery... and to not stick it in random holes around the house.

  19. I have cut the shit out of myself with a butter knife before.

  20. I’m actually not bad at fighting Rune bears! The attack that’s hardest to dodge is there quick lunge, but only when they do it while you’re right in their shit.

  21. And might get called out 20-30 years or more in the future. Women just aren't worth the risk. Keep it all down to a strickly business transaction.

  22. Saw a pile of clothes with a hand sticking out??! And what? Didnt think to inform the authorities?

  23. This mf said “let’s put it this way, his gun misfired, mine didn’t.”

  24. Nobody used a bleed build for a year straight 😂 I post a 20 second clip of the build I’m CURRENTLY enjoying because I knew people would go nuts. Clearly that’s working. And that post from a year ago was me building out classes before they even became “meta”

  25. Ah, yes, 90% of someone’s health with a whopping 2 L1s.

  26. You do realize bleed doesn’t even proc until after the dude dies right? 🤣 the jump L1 does most of the raw damage. Proc happens then the talisman activates after he dies 👍

  27. Pretty sick, but I generally prefer most chest pieces without their capes. Not sure why, I guess I just like to be able to see them better!

  28. what does that have to do with anything?

  29. Was the discussion ever about the best pvp game?

  30. I apologize. I misunderstood which comment you were referring to at my original time of writing.

  31. Bruh if Iji can expertly smith a tiny human-sized dagger, a troll can carve an intricate design into a giant door

  32. That’s what I was going to point out; Glad you said it :)

  33. That's literally the way she's supposed to be killed.

  34. ah ok! Yeah I had no idea I was damaging her. I couldn’t even see her when I’d killed the final dragon.

  35. I didn't know you could use status effects on her so I started my playthrough and the first thing I did was get the greatsword and then hit her for 2 hours until it died

  36. High jacking to ask : How is she supposed to be killed?

  37. You won’t need to 1v3 anybody anymore. you’ll have 2 teammates who may be using dragon breaths of their own to help you out.

  38. The farther you are away from the caster the harder it is to dodge the spell up until you’re out of range as you’re in the widest part of the cone. This is especially true if you playing someone halfway decent who free aims the spell, then it is impossible to dodge and if they have the fp can chain cast you (and your entire team) until death.

  39. Disagree. Dragon breath spells are not the same as other ranged spells, where what you said lies true.

  40. I don't know, "best" is very variable. Out of my 10+ playthrough of al of the l 3 games, I didn't hated my bastard sword build.

  41. I have tried all the GS, and the bastard sword is the one I enjoyed the most. "Best" is subjective. Chill.

  42. Telling someone to chill for asking why you like a weapon…sensitive topic I guess. Sorry to have insulted you.

  43. Is there like an adult version anywhere? Because I could do with some of that toddler motivation to clean up my house :/

  44. I know this seems incredibly simple, but for me…the “trick” is just getting up and doing it. I needed to do this yesterday, myself. I really didn’t wanna do shit…but I forced myself as soon as I got up essentially. Vacuum and mop entire house, wash bed sheets, bathe both doggies & take a shower…it was rough going at first, it always is, but you do at least feel a lot better afterwards, and once I get going generally it gets easier until you hit the point you’re genuinely tiring out for more than just mental exhaustion.

  45. That’s the clean up song from Barney! That’s the one I remember too.

  46. To be fair, quite a lot of American adults speak gibberish too. Then you elect them!

  47. The first time my American wife went to Yorkshire and met my family, she just smiled a lot and nodded in agreement. Now she actually understands the accent and picks a bit of it up while we’re there. Too funny.

  48. aw!!!!! That is so wholesome. At the risk of sounding ignorant, i would be honored to date a woman from another country & entirely different culture. It just seems like it would be such an intimate and special experience learning about things, especially the history relevant to their culture, and how it might differ from my own as an American.

  49. Well now... That's all I'll think about when I hear that song

  50. I don’t think it really sounds like that.

  51. Oh thank you. When I posted that, I figured there might be one in existence.

  52. My only complaint is while the game encourages exploration, exploring too much ended up messing up my experience since alot of the main bosses felt like absolute pushovers by the time I got to them, mainly Radahn and Morgott. I didn't even go in with a mimic or some maxed out OP weapon, but entering a boss arena with so much hype around him and realising you're about to drop him in less than a minute is always extremely underwhelming.

  53. I’d have to disagree with that sentiment. You’re just an exceptionally good player if you beat Morgott and Radahn without summons/ashes easily. If you beat them within a minute, you are WAY beyond the average players experiences.

  54. It's definitely not, I've seen a number of similar complaints on this sub back during my playthrough, especially regarding Radahn after he was heavily nerfed.

  55. I was actually thinking of the Margit fight for some reason. And I also heavily disagree with the Radahn fight criticism as well, as that’s the only one I’ve seen that you mentioned. By & large, I think the people who claim he is an easy fight, are the people who summon 4 NPCs and spirit ashes and/or mimics. I think if you fight him on foot, it’s an entirely different experience, certainly not one I’d call objectively easy even if slightly overleveled. OR, you have people who use extremely optimized builds that a boss is specifically weak to, and they spam Ash of War’s that stunlock. I think if you fight the bosses in this game like you have to in other Fromsoft games, the game becomes immensely more difficult; even when overleveled.

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