1. CPUs don't just die, they degrade slowly, which means in the future it won't be able to do 4.4ghz anymore at the voltage you are using, but will need an higher one. The time it takes to degrade depends on how high the voltage is and what you do with it. If you just browsed the web it would last much longer than if you were to run prime95 24/7. But I'd say even in that case if the voltage is reasonable it can still work fine for a very long time, but unfortunately is very difficult to tell exactly. If you need it to perform lighter tasks I suggest you run it at a low frequency and undervolt, this way it will basically last forever.

  2. I’ve ran a 9900k at 1.42v for 4 years now. Still not degraded. Apparently his isn’t either, for 11 years now. I wouldn’t worry about that because people blow it out of proportion.

  3. Yeah degrading a CPU is not easy, and also 4 years is not that much after all. What I'm wondering is how you can keep it cool at 1.42v, custom loop I suppose.

  4. Buying used mining gpus should be fine, they might have a mining bios on the card so you might need to vbios flash which is a little bit scary, if that doesn't bother you just buy a used mining card.

  5. They could ask the seller to flash the original bios if that's the case.

  6. It's in the miner's interest to keep the vram nice and cold, otherwise it will thermal throttle and lose precious hashrate. Of course assuming they know what they are doing, which is not guaranteed but since they invested in 9 3080s I bet they do. And the 1 year warranty is very good too.

  7. 15-20 fps playable? Really stretching the diffenition

  8. I got really lucky with mine. Maxes out at 3466mhz stable. Any higher and it will crash, no matter the voltage.

  9. I don't think any zen 1 chip ever did 3600, I bet 3466 is the limit or very close to it.

  10. My 200ge can do it. Just crashes when gaming. So I stick to 3400. If I tweak it or up the voltage it could become stable but never tried

  11. If it crashes then it can't do it, but still I believe even booting at 3600 was an achievement for a Ryzen 1000. Although I suspect that since the Athlon is an APU it must have a stronger memory controller, for newer ryzens that's the case at least.

  12. I ran my 5600x with the stock cooler for the first couple months and it’s alright, though upgrading to a tower is recommended. A $30 tower cooler will be more than enough.

  13. At 40$ you can get the peerless assassin which is dual tower, overkill for a 5600 but at that price it's hard to not recommend

  14. Xiaomi's charging standard violates the USB Type-C specification, so a standard A-to-C cable won't fast charge.

  15. That's not good but thanks for the info. However I've tried with my brother's phone cable (he has a realme gt master edition) and the ultra fast charge works on the xiaomi. What I get from this is that I will maybe get a random chance that it works depending on the cable I buy. I doubt I can find the original cable for a decent price and I think I will try my luck with a third party cable, I need to buy a bunch for other devices regardless. Do you think the anker bundle I linked is a good choice? Does it support the 30w charge(at least on devices that are within specification)?

  16. >A-to-C cables are legacy cables, and compliant ones are not designed for 30W charging at all

  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9K4PSqxoYg&t=515s&ab_channel=AladdinPersson

  18. Oh ok he actually follows some logic. From what I understand he underclocks only to make afterburner automatically flatten the curve for him, so it's just a way to speed up the process but he isn't actually running the card underclocked. He chose to stick with 1850mhz and is trying to run that frequency at a progressively lower voltage that's why it repeats the process many times. No idea if this is the best method but it definetly makes sense. I think the fact that afterburner is automatically shaping part of the curve might make it unstable but it's just an hypothesis.

  19. I think it's best to keep the pump fan always at 100% (it's not noisy at all in most cases), while you should set the fans to run at different rpms depending on the temperature. Basically any bios allows you to edit the fan curves so use that. You could also consider stopping the fans entirely under a certain temperature so your pc is basically silent when idling.

  20. If I underclock it using a custom setting in Aurus Engine to -300Mhz what is advertised, to get the 1665Mhz advertised, everything runs great and as it should.

  21. If you downclock it doesn't run as it should, it runs at 300mhz below what it's expected to reach. As I said 1650mhz is the minimum but it will always go above that, it's how the boosting algorithm works, it tries to go as high as it can within the power, voltage and thermal limits of the card, and if it overheats at stock you have a problem.

  22. It gets to 80-81c at about 48% load. Lots of vRel and some VOp, mainly vRels.

  23. Ok 80 is pretty normal temperature it's not close thermal throttling. vRel and vOp indicate that the card is limited by the maximum allowed voltage, but again that's perfectly normal behaviour (it will always be limited by something due to how the algorithm works, and usually it's power or sometimes voltage).

  24. The one with the slow preset should have bettet quality if the size is equal. You likely cant notice it. I suggest you increase the CQ value, the file will be smaller and if you don't go too far quality will still be better or equal to the medium preset

  25. Buy a new case, PSU, the RX 6600 and take the rest from the dell until you can afford the CPU upgrade. Both the 6500xt and 1650 are much slower than the 6600 (like half of the performance), in my opinion it is much better to aim for a better gpu since that's what is most important in games. Your i5 will definitely hold you back but on less CPU intensive titles the 6600 will still stretch its legs quite a bit.

  26. Max voltage recommended for ryzen 2000 was around 1.4v if I remember correctly, but I'm not sure if your cooler can handle it. Start with 1.3/1.35v and go up if temperatures allow it. Also you need to check if it's stable with an actual stress test and not by randomly playing valorant. I suggest prime95 small FFTs, even if it runs very hot it will crash very quickly if your settings are unstable so you waste less time stressing.

  27. It doesn't crash because it doesn't have enough cooling, it crashes because it doesn't have enough voltage. You can't just raise the frequency and expect it to work.

  28. You can install Kodi on the firestick and access network shares so streaming over LAN should be no issue. YouTube works of course but I suggest you use SmartTube instead since it blocks ads (which are very annoying lately) and lets you choose between all the different video and audio tracks. No idea of what etvnet is so I can't tell anything about that.

  29. What does it score in Firestrike without tessellation for graphics?

  30. 18848 graphics score with tessellation detail level and max tessellation factor both at 1. GPU is manually locked at 1000mhz.

  31. 29000 to 30000 isn't that big of a difference slight throttling could cause that.

  32. No. A more powerful cpu will complete the work faster but the file will end up with exactly the same quality. What cpu is in the pc anyway?

  33. Portal 1 (and maybe 2), half life 1 and 2, Undertale, inscription, cuphead, dark souls 1. Those are some of my favourite games and you should be able to play them. You can also run emulators, PS2 and older consoles I'd say.

  34. Looks like Zelda Twilight Princess

  35. The Wii wasn't much more powerful than the PS2 if I remember correctly so it kinda makes sense

  36. Isn't 9v a bit too low to feel the tingle? But maybe it's because the tongue is very sensitive

  37. Yes it should work with no problems. It's the opposite that won't work (new version saves on old version)

  38. Yes it should work with no problems. It's the opposite that won't work (new version saves on old version)

  39. Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride. Not sure she will like them and maybe are a bit scary, but I saw them around her age if I remember correctly.

  40. It's a bit worse than a gtx 750 and only has ddr3 memory but it should be fine for lighter games.

  41. If the finstack was parallel to the length of the card it would make sense but since it's perpendicular I think It will make things worse. But why don't you just try for yourself.

  42. because trying to tie the fans to this heatsink is fucking infuriating xD

  43. Hold it with your hand while you test without securing it. Or turn the pc upside down so they don't fall xD.

  44. You can't edit the bios of nvidia cards past the 900 series. There's nothing like Maxwell bios tweaker for pascal or newer cards

  45. You can still try to flash the BIOS of another 1080 model with an higher power limit but it has to be compatible

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