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  1. I think the idea was he knew that if he could get footage from inside the alien he would never be able to top that this was going to be his last. Hurray and regardless of what happened, his hope was that he would go down as the most famous documentarian to ever live. That was at least my interpretation, although I did think it was a little bit wildly out of character for him just to go running into the maw of death.

  2. Yeah, this is well supported in the movie he wanted The Impossible Shot

  3. Start watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, your head will be spinning by End of Evangelion.

  4. I'm trying to convince a friend who hasn't seen any of the series to jump in with End of just because I think it'll be hilarious how confusing it is.

  5. Is it just through an app? I can see the clip in my mobile browser but trying to submit a guess just takes me to the apple store.

  6. I don't have any practical use for that controller, but I want it. Just in case.

  7. My buddy always eats crust first so that every bite has some cheese and sauce in it

  8. Is this person right? Because after looking a second time at their philtrum I think you are right.

  9. A joke doesn't need to be unexpected to be good and Schitts Creek is more a character comedy where the humor comes from the personalities interacting/reacting with each other.

  10. That guy just seems like an arsehole to me. Probably just a personal thing but I hate it when a line is written which requires the character to be momentarily stupid, I just find it contrived and frustrating. Obviously fold in the cheese in means you fold it though the liquid/sauce, it's not rocket science.

  11. From your last comment and this I'm getting a weird vibe like your opinion on this is more a point of pride like you're "too smart" for the show, as if that's relevant. It's fine to not like it.

  12. Many kids in Japan still use them as cheap cameras. Ikebukuro is a better place to get street passes while also getting some cool merch.

  13. cheaper yes, but not aa high resolution nor 3D I'm sure modern candy bars have great cameras, but if you got your parents hand me down this might be better or at least different

  14. What??? I love the 3DS, but the cameras were ass and almost useless if not in a brightly lit area. The 3DS camera is 0.3 megapixels, the same as the first camera phones from the early 2000's. The 3D is a neat gimmick, but you'd struggle to find a camera phone with lower resolution.

  15. Raging Bull (1980) I can't exactly remember what kind of expectations I had when I first watched it but I remember feeling disappointed. But upon a second viewing I really got why it is one of the best regarded movies.

  16. Do you mind elaborating about Raging Bull for me? I watched it recently and am in the camp of not getting why it's one of the best regarded movies.

  17. I really liked THE PRESTIGE much better the second time around when I wasn't trying to figure out the secrets to the illusions as much

  18. Opposite for me since the movie leans so heavily on the reveal (imo)

  19. I'm not familiar with the director but see he has a lot of seasonal titles. Is there a recommended order to watch those or are they just thematically similar?

  20. Can’t go wrong with watching them in the order they were released. But you can also start with the highest rated/most critically renown, or just start with whatever catches your eye. Ozu described his style as “always painting the same rose,” meaning he basically made the same movie over and over with minor variations on his main themes

  21. Interesting, I'll have to check some of them out then. I'm lazily working through the top 250 and I know he has a few on there, I might start with Autumn Afternoon

  22. I really liked it, felt like it was just a few choices short of being a great film (still v good). The setting is the most interesting part for me, but it's more about the characters. I watched the uncut version which was on Hulu.

  23. Funniest comedy that's a genuinely good movie as well? What's Up Doc? and Hott Fuzz.

  24. Just saw Surrogates a few days ago and nothing about the ending seemed especially good (I agree the movie as a whole was not great). What did you like about it?

  25. On the podcast, Conan has had a recurring bit of voicing his penis as a "sleepy li'l guy" who when called on for sex says "I don't wanna, I'm tired". Still, that title is awful.

  26. That depends entirely on the type of chocolate. Dark chocolate can be seriously toxic at really low amounts. I’m not sure what the specific toxicity of chocolate syrup is, but it’s definitely not something to be flippant about.. especially if it’s concentrated.

  27. The chocolate syrup likely barely has any real chocolate in it. I wouldn't recommend it, but I bet they'd be fine* if they drank the bottle (* as fine as if they drank corn syrup, which would probably be a good amount of GI upset still). The toxicity comes from the theobromines in chocolate; dark chocolate has more and that's what gives it it's bitter taste.

  28. The syrup actually has a decent amount of Methylxantines (the parts of chocolate that are toxic to dogs).

  29. That's a really cool site! I knew caffeine was also a risk, but I didn't know that both that and theobromines had something in common (being methylxantines). Given how some major brands use minimal chocolate for their bars, I assumed the syrup would be the same.

  30. Also the show parallels Dante's Inferno with each episode themed around a circle of hell

  31. Interesting, I've never heard this theory! Can you please elaborate?

  32. I'd rather have good content with bad performance than bad content with good performance, and having watched like 20 hours of it Sc/Vi is the former.

  33. If I was born 100 years ago where I couldn't find videos explaining what was going on I would 100% believe in magic

  34. So I'd start at their profile too but I wouldn't click on films, makes far more sense to click on reviews. From there add your filters. Take it down to the year and genre, and maybe adding 1 or 2 other filters should be more than enough.

  35. I feel dumb for having not thought of that, but good call. Still feels like there should be a better way.

  36. One of the games on sale is called Hot Tentacles Shooter...

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