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  1. I like abstract arty things and setting people up with a skincare routine, derm

  2. I feel like all of ERAS changes help the programs only. How do they determine what applicants need? We can only highlight 10 experiences? Should just be 25 to 28 tokens without the gold/silver label, for my “wellness”. 😅

  3. A PGY1 may have a full medical license, depending on the state. A medical student does not. That means you could potentially run clinical trials, actually see patients and handle follow-ups. Basically work as a resident.

  4. Thank you! Do you know how physician insurance would be handled?

  5. Some schools apparently open up your eras early for this reason. My school did not, there’s really nowhere to store them. You just ask them to write it and once they’re done, you can ask them to hang onto it and you’ll send them a link at a later date, or something like that

  6. My tired brain through my you were trying to discuss your Lord of the Rings collection on ERAS

  7. There are audio coaching's on the app related to emotional eating! They are good to help pause and consider why youre wanting to eat.

  8. Just so you guys know, I did this fellowship and it really helped out on the interview trail. Good luck!

  9. Hey can you give me more insight how it helped ? Would appreciate your reply, Thank you!

  10. Can cerner send result alerts to your phone? Can it take pics for the chart? Was it invented by the devil himself?

  11. Is it bad bad if I’d also like to know if it can do these things 🥺 ~finger twiddle~

  12. Real talk when I was an incoming intern one of the seniors was like “you guys look scared, you should be scared, tomorrow you’re going to be given a shit load of responsibility and I’m terrified bc I’m responsible for people I don’t really know, so please do your best”

  13. So I believe that some states have rules when it comes to licensing including how long ago you took your steps, not just how much time was taken in between them. I could be wrong but I would check it out. They really should have a different pathway for IMGs trained outside of the US by now. It would only help the US. Good luck!

  14. How late? Your program may move your elective/vacation to cover it or you may finish off-cycle

  15. Yes it’s transitional :( Edit: forgot to mention, probably late by a month

  16. Thank you for contributing to the sub! If your post was filtered by the automod, please read the rules. Your post will be reviewed but will not be approved if it violates the rules of the sub. The most common reasons for removal are - medical students or premeds asking what a specialty is like or about their chances of matching, mentioning midlevels without using the midlevel flair, matched medical students asking questions instead of using the stickied thread in the sub for post-match questions, posting identifying information for targeted harassment. Please do not message the moderators if your post falls into one of these categories. Otherwise, your post will be reviewed in 24 hours and approved if it doesn't violate the rules. Thanks!

  17. What happens if you start intern year late? My visa isn’t ready yet :(

  18. Thank you for your response, do you know if there’s a chance that this LOR could make that my other US doctors LORS get sort of displaced? And, would you happen to know a where I can find a format for the letter

  19. Guidelines for the standard letter were on ERAS when searching for IM programs last year. It could be from a chair or clerkship director from IM rotations, not just your international school. As long as guidelines are followed by letter writer you should be fine

  20. Some IM programs will allow you to transfer categorical (off of the top of my head Colorado, somewhere in houston, mass gen, ut Austin sometimes). Obviously apply to these. It’s also a good question to ask prelim IM programs how they support their unmatched prelims (one program told me how they really helped most of their unmatched derm applicants match in the future and kept the only one who didn’t match again as categorical). Additionally I know 2 people who matched after intern year (one was at IM and one was at a TY year). My advice is to do IM prelim because you can usually do a derm elective at their program, some derm programs have a stigma against TY year, and you can go categorical as an IM prelim (even at a different institution if you have to).

  21. Why do they have a stigma against Transitional Year?

  22. Yeah, they won't do the stamping without the paper notice, they used to insist on the original 797 in the past but i have heard a copy is often enough nowadays? embassy can look up and confirm your uscis approval online on their end.

  23. Yeah the embassy asked for a copy. Before they told me they only needed the receipt number and i129 but are now requesting the copy.

  24. How long did it take you to get it approved after you send it? I sent a week ago with the premium processing

  25. Hypothetically the consulate can do whatever they want. In practice, they typically don't deny approved H-1Bs unless there is an obvious problem (or your employer is a consultancy and you are applying in India).

  26. Thank you! Very helpful as usual. I am feeling the pressure less.

  27. Same, but I’m a clinical lab scientist. I have my stamping appointment very soon and I don’t know how to feel. I’m definitely doubling up on the supplemental documents just to cover all bases & also because I have space in my file. All the best, Doc!

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