1. This is fucking comedy gold. Keep it up good sir! I'd suggest gigan and mothra from final wars.

  2. Thanks dude. It's just annoying that reddit's video player doesn't understand what 60 fps means. Is there a way to have it at 60 without a yt link?

  3. I saw it, and I hated it. The pacing is so breakneck fast that I simply couldn't enjoy it.

  4. For a 1h 40min long movie with all those characters to manage it's good i think. It's fast but not confusional.

  5. Bruh, that slapped me with a brick when Momma Bear calmly accepts what just happened, and still only wants Goldi to be happy.

  6. It's even more unexpected for me cause in my dubbed version they speak in dialect so you are like: "They are secondary characters just there for make people laugh" and then they literrally destroy you.

  7. The only option I see is to make the monsters' expressions more readable to replace dialogues. 2h of just action would be too much.

  8. Quando sei di destra e la professoressa comunista delle superiori ti mette davanti all'esame sulla storia dell'olocausto.

  9. Sei un fottuto genio. Da oggi inizio anch'io

  10. Both king kings are supposed to be different things, 2005 King Kong is a retelling of the original while skull island is a recreation of the character and story

  11. Truth. Justice. And the Godzilla way. That's what you're making.

  12. I don't even know how it would work but I said the same about the Xenomorph when Predator was revealed.

  13. Bro is shocked, flabbergasted, surprised, appalled, speechless, incredulous, amazed, open-mouthed...

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