1. i’m still trying too after 3 years! but being thankful for the opportunity the relationship gave me to learn more about myself is important. reminding myself it ended for a reason. focusing on yourself and trying to look forward instead of backwards helps. time is on your side! but remember its okay to miss someone and not be over it straight away, trying to rush it or getting annoyed at yourself for it isn’t going to speed up the process

  2. in terms of pills for weightloss - i have taken many (i was in recovery and ended up getting a binge eating disorder after years of anorexia and am deemed obese) they don’t do anything but fuck with your head. i became erratic, angry, and undid a lot of work on bettering myself and my mental illnesses - and i didn’t even lose weight! all of my friends who have had them have had the same experience, plus where i live its hard to even get them if you have a history of an ED unless you are deemed obese and beg and plead and lie. please stay away from them bestie ❣️

  3. update: i am 2.5 episodes in and this is just funny now. is it meant to be making fun of those true ghost stories? because the “dramatic re-enactment” is so funny

  4. however everyone here says it gets scary so maybe i am about to stop laughing and start crying

  5. I really enjoyed this season. Amazing cast and story. Cathy Bates alone is worth tuning in for

  6. you had me at kathy bates. i’m in

  7. the gag of dakotas fake exit during the lipsync then baby actually exiting voluntarily 😭 iconic wish they would stop sleeping on le fil though! it seems deliberate at this point, the lack of screen time in general and recognition for when they do super well (such as this episode) is really shady

  8. When my ex broke up with me, everytime my mom and I got into fights she would use the whole "this is why he left you" bullshit and it's just fucked up🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. i’m so sorry she did that, that’s so messed up. but i’m in the same boat here! my mum keeps telling me i need to lose weight to help me get him back..... thanks mum

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