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  1. It’s the start menu on Goldeneye, which just re-released

  2. If the NBA reviewed games they’d surely be aware of the number of carries and how often 3-steps-with-no-dribble occurs though… and that stuff happens all the time

  3. Flint/El Cap/Deco are talked to death on this sub, and for good reason. They do their job extremely well and are easy to use.

  4. That volume knob garbage eventually led me to get the RC10r. Separate knobs, different headaches. Boss doesn’t like make things easy sometimes lol

  5. First time I see a G3 atom. I have a Boss ES-5… I assume this is an upgrade and is easier to program, but maybe I bought into the TPS hype.

  6. Bought it for the onboard programming and east of use. It’s intuitive and keeps me from having to redo the board to try things out - setting up the order of your loops is easy peasy. Makes all my pedals sound cleaner. It’s expensive but I shouldn’t ever need another loop switcher unless it dies

  7. Wow, looks great! I've been very interested in that attack/decay for a while, but also the Nux tape thingy. How happy are you with it?

  8. Last tape echo pedal I’ll need unless they put out a v2 with a preamp sim

  9. Boss uses reverse polarity. Need a different switch - you need a normally closed tap

  10. I feel regret I’ve been paying off bills during the under $20 times ☹️

  11. How to report reddit admins for harassment of an entire sub? lmao

  12. Bro… what the fuck is with these weekly wrist slaps?…

  13. H to the izz-O, D to the izz-A

  14. It absolutely feels like wearing a mascot’s glove lol

  15. I think that's the point. It's kinda weird how your halloween experience as a child could literally be ruined by virtue of when you were born. Like if Halloween starts on a Sunday when you're in your candy eating golden years, that's like 4 years where you can't stay up late.

  16. My experience as an adult is being ruined by virtue of stagnant wages across the board, unchecked inflation due to corporate greed, and a myriad other issues greater than “kids staying up late eating candy once a year”


  18. “I’m here with my new friend Johnny. Johnny just got his face painted. How’re you liking the fair?”

  19. I have been debating helping my coworkers automate their work as well. Worker solidarity is import you know

  20. Loose lips sink ships. And pride comes before the fall

  21. " I take a couple uppers, I take a couple downers, but nothing compares to these blue, and yellow, purple pills."

  22. RC is part of D12 —> WuTang + Eminem collab NFT confirmed

  23. When logic and proportion Have fallen sloppy dead And the White Knight is talking backwards And the Red Queen's off with her head Remember what the dormouse said Feed your head Feed your head

  24. …sdrawkcab sklat ohw thgink etihw a wonk I

  25. Image is reversed — the Wilson basketball logo is backwards

  26. I use them for almost everything! Midi control for the board, song presets, EQ, gating, mixing parallel signal chains, auto-loopers, effects, building synths, creating generative stuff... Definitely my favourite pedal of all time.

  27. Auto-loopers…. Tell me more please

  28. Colorsound Power Boost circuits

  29. Been using solderless 3Monkeys. No issues even with constant plugging/unplugging and twisting and all that

  30. New batch of Land Devices Mixer drops next week. I guess, it’s 4 in/2 mono out

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