Anyone hiring ? So over this. I have a degree in Architectural Drafting

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  1. Damn yeah I remember. If this is the case then it makes sense for Tim to fire him. Tim can’t be closely associated with someone who is not sober since he is sober and is committed to his sobriety. He can’t afford going back to that lifestyle and risking it all. I’m sure it was a hard decision but necessary.

  2. Except Tim is a comedian and is always working around booze. I don’t buy this one.

  3. Thats a Delta thing. Easiest thing to do is to just get a Delta brand spout for direct replacement.

  4. Definitely just replace it with another Delta tub spout. Grease that rubber oring and threads before installing new spout.

  5. Ahh yes- surely he will keep the $29 mil proceeds in his mattress, safely shielded from liability.

  6. lost my first girl this week to a raccoon. good luck. RIP Waitress

  7. hoping one day you can be “cool dad” and fulfill your wish

  8. “And this is the tyrant you’re talking about?” pans over to a literal meme … how the fuck did we get here

  9. Is this the real story, though? I have seen this video on this sub countless times and it never includes this story. I would wager that OP is not directly connected with this video. No way to know for sure, and it very well could be the true context, but how do we know?


  11. Lawyer here but I specialize in bird law so not sure how best to answer. If it were parakeets I would suggest separating them. Hope that helps.

  12. Where the hell were you when Birds of War were fighting??

  13. Do you have outdoor cameras? Because you absolutely need cameras.

  14. i’m too lazy to start a crowdfund for this but not too lazy to donate to one if someone starts it.

  15. I feel like a shark, Im walking around my house because I feel like I need to keep moving

  16. When I asked my FIL he thought I invited him to lunch to tell him I knocked up his daughter 😂

  17. Refreshing to have a different headline than “This is what America means to me” but my brain still said it anyway after reading.

  18. This assumes some of us have anything better to do with our time, lol.

  19. Ya I don’t like that line of thinking. It is the perfect thing to do while relaxing watching TV. It is not work. Also, by that logic you should never do anything but work.

  20. The one that killed him.

  21. No way, grab ‘em- those are the breast mushrooms you could find!

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