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  1. The only counter I have to this is that Titans are the tanky shocktrooper of the classes. Sunspots are point-specific healing that helps them control territory and fits into their identity perfectly. Warlocks already have a built-in healing ability option on every subclass at the press of a button. Hunters, I think, need a slight tweak in healing access the most, but I'm not really sure what the right answer is (for either, but especially with Hunters).

  2. it must be incredibly frustrating to become a teacher in america if this is the average level of intelligence.

  3. It's partly a lack of autonomy in the classroom for teachers to write their own curriculum, and part a culture of celebrating ignorance. I have a few ex-teacher friends and all of them quit because of absurd, illogical standardized testing curriculums they were strictly force to follow, mixed with a total lack of QoL/funding/support, etc. Students don't care about actual knowledge, just memorizing the arbitrary things needed to pass the govt-mandadited standardized tests, so no one learns any critical thinking or real world knowledge. This country is in shambles, and this is a large part of the problem. Teachers, students, and government oversight that have all given up on proper education.

  4. The general facial restructuring was shocking. I genuinely wasn't sure I was even still seeing Blanche.

  5. For sure. I've been shooting casually all my life and I've never been this smooth. Those calm efficient moves are someone that has been through real shit.

  6. In my mind the racism is more of a result of class division across demographics rather than intentional racism. While these are ultimately felt in the same way by the affected groups, this issue can only be solved by bringing down the class division in this country.

  7. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your intentions, but it reads like you just tried to deny the Jim Crow history of post-civil war america and the horrific, very deliberate systemic abuse and oppression of black Americans. If you're truly ignorant about this, I highly recommend reading about things like Tulsa for an intro to the basics. Black people have never once had a fair chance at escaping poverty, very specifically and deliberately, and it's the result of generations of policies and practices and prejudices targeted directly at them.

  8. I agree that Jim Crow is overwhelming the reason why so many black communities were put into poverty, but I don’t think racism is keeping them there. I think it is a result of the extremely low level of class motility for poor people, and can only be addressed as an issue of classism.

  9. Ok, gotcha. Yeah then we're pretty much on the same page there.

  10. You don't have to like Prince's music, but in so many ways this is such an embarrassing take

  11. Damn, it was deleted before it could be recorded. What'd they say?

  12. I personally really like your roll, but as someone else said below, play what feels best to you. My krait with headstone is my favorite kinetic AR.

  13. I don't have a PC capable of playing any of them, so I'm just excited they're happening at all and looking forward to seeing them come into their own.

  14. I was searching for this comment before I posted it myself. Be nice to people who fuck with your food.

  15. The cardinal rule: "Don't fuck with people that handle your food."

  16. This 100%. I work in a bar with a lot of regulars and whenever someone is out with a date and that person is an asshole to us, especially if it's only when the other person has stepped away, we know it won't last. If it's bad enough we'll drop hints that we actively dislike them. It's not hard to treat service industry with basic human decency and politeness.

  17. He chose the exact wrong feat to claim Thor was more durable lol

  18. A neutron star is about 121.8 times hotter than our sun, so, no? That's a pretty damn relevant feat, and absolutely mental Thor survived it at all.

  19. Is it actually called a neutron star in the mcu? I only remember it being called a dieing star

  20. Yes, it is. Its been a while since I watched it, but pretty sure Thor himself says it. From the wiki, though: "Nidavellir is a neutron star and one of the Nine Realms, orbited by a multi-ringed megastructure which served as the homeworld of the Dwarves."

  21. This is the most childish, cringiest thing I've seen since the whole "Let's Go Brandon" fad

  22. The difference is this is a bit of protest against government overreach, vs "Let's go, Brandon" which was just MAGAs having fun with media incompetence.

  23. NO IT SHOULDN'T Bungie nerfed protective light and all that other defensive mods when they made the under the hood changes to stats and super tiers. This was purposeful and make Resilience an important stat. May I remind you Res wasn't important in this game until now. A stat fully ignored since D1. IT's necessary and needed for end game survivability. No nerfs needed

  24. Uh, resilience wasn't even in Destiny 1... It was just Int/dis/str.

  25. Why is fucking half of the API shit you can do with Destiny led by some fucking rando player? Like where the fuck else does that kind of unprofessional shit happen?

  26. I don't know how to tell you this, but you need to turn off the electronics and get some fresh air. Not in a memey "go touch grass" way, but in a "that tantrum isn't healthy and you need help" kinda way. Not only were you insanely off base on everything you said, but just a big ol' yikes on general presentation and tone.

  27. Having worked with dogs full time for almost a decade, yeah. They can..I'm glad studies are finding ways to define it, but anyone with experience caring for or working with dogs can tell you they are can be very aware of your stress levels and moods based on nothing but their keen senses.

  28. I don't personally usually enjoy these types of skins and shaders, but I also have no issue with them experimenting with more animated shaders. I love most of the ones they've done so far, and see no issue with going for more, even going farther with them. If I hate it, I just won't use it.

  29. They aren't wrong. This is Iggy country, and if you don't like it, you can leave!

  30. Is the terminal velocity of a bullet still high enough to critically injure someone?

  31. No, but most bullets shot into the air aren't perfectly straight up, so they can maintain much higher spreeds (the farther from 90degrees, the faster).

  32. What is this about? Another Paragon remake? Can't find shit under that name. Do you have Discord, Reddidt, Website etc.? How far is the game's development?

  33. From a "classic" pr point of view you're correct!

  34. Nah man. What you're doing right here in this sub right now? It's embarrassing. You're absolutely allowed to have an opinion and take your game in any direction you want. Your behavior in here, however, is childish and unprofessional, and if you worked for my company I'd have your asshole inside out and drying on a line right now for this entire dumpster fire of a thread. I liked V42. I liked all of it. I'm stoked for every single Paragon version coming out, but you have damaged your company's reputation in my eyes with your demeanor here today, and that's really unfortunate.

  35. Peter Pan would probably be my vote as well for best known/most mainstream. There's, as others have mentioned, been things relating to the Bible and Arthurian legends, if you want to count those.

  36. The best would’ve been the actual D2 Hung Jury, with Firefly, splendid. For the High Impact Frame the scout from Last Wish is really good with the right roll: either Rampage/Kill Clip for massive damage or Outlaw/Explosive Payload with the Curated Roll. For Precision Frame Tears of Contrition sure packs a punch, you can even craft it, that’s a cool and strong option. If you want you could farm for a good Servant Leader ( if you like playing Gambit ). There are not a lot of choices so gotta work with what you have. Remember to keep an eye on Xur, he can sell Hung Jury

  37. God I hope they put Hung Jury back in the pool. A good firefly roll escaped me and haunts me to this day (it was my favorite legendary in all of D1, competing only with Fatebringer).

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