Let’s pretend each country in the world is a guest at a party. What are they doing at the party?

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  1. TFW you’re the poorest South American nation.

  2. People are buying stuff in Argentina because of the price controls and shitty currency and taking it to Bolivia to sell at a higher price. I think the tables are turning.

  3. What’s your beard care routine? That shit looks gorgeous

  4. You look so generic I almost scrolled past your post thinking it was an advertisement

  5. If I were you, I would go to my barber and ask for the rest of my haircut.

  6. You look like you’ve been wearing polo shirts your whole life

  7. When you date someone because they look like one of your parents, but you don’t realize it.

  8. The type of office girl that loves mandatory, unpaid company “parties”.

  9. When your personality is just buff Asian and that’s it.

  10. Yes. Tip over thrashcan, use a stick to peel them off, use gloves to grab them, put them in a plastic bag and take that shit to the bank. The embarrassing part is handing them over to the teller with your index finger and thumb while wearing gloves.

  11. Now and then US and China are looking at each other angrily and everyone gasps.

  12. In public they’re not getting along but in private they are making business deals.

  13. Portugal is complaining about the foreign food and that they could've eaten better in the Tasco do Zé for cheaper.

  14. Portugal and Brazil are hanging out. Everyone goes to Brazil and cheerfully greet them, they then greet Portugal in a more monotone manner. Portugal feels bad that they aren’t as popular but Brazil notices and tries to include Portugal in party activities.

  15. WSB are a bunch of degenerates. Are they really going to romanticize the regarded apes you find on here?

  16. Microsoft is ready to let Halo die. Once they buy Activision, it will be all about Call of Duty.

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