1. I didn't see the sub at first, thought it was oldschoolcool or something. I was Googling it, trying to see if it was a family member of his or something.

  2. Our class clown was hit and killed by a train late at night during a party near the river. We would bring a bunch of pallets and old couches down to the river and have a fire and drink beer but we'd have to park our cars across some nearby railroad tracks. This kid would always wait for the train to come and try to scare people by waiting on the tracks. Then one night he doesn't get out of the way in time and gets smashed to pieces by a moving train in front of the whole grad class. Title lost

  3. Agree 100%. I can’t stand childfree groups that are super pro-dog-ownership. It makes far, far less sense than having a child, as it similarly hinders your personal independence and you get less out of it.

  4. The answer is they want some form of companionship and are taking the "easy way."

  5. Same, then I realized G.o.T. has no main character and literally anyone could die at any time. That was one thing I really liked about the show.

  6. Came home with scratch marks on his back that I did not put there. That was 7 years ago. He married her 9 months later. She died last week of cancer and was predeceased by their son (no obit for kid so assume miscarriage). Karma's a thing.

  7. There needs to be like, a 5 year refresh rate after you have a kid before you can have another one. There's too many of us fuckers.

  8. Our reproductive wiring is all fucked up and does not sync in society in the least. From the fact that we hit sexual maturity and our prime reproductive years are at such a young age, to things like polygamy and hypergamy.

  9. There'd be a lot of people with "only children" personalities. Not really a good thing either.

  10. I think that the Star Wars prequels are underrated. I know a lot of people don't like them, but I think they have some great moments and characters. It's like when you're watching a bad movie and you can still find something to enjoy in it. That's how I feel about the prequels - there are enough good moments that make it worth watching.

  11. Lol, I actually got this thread idea from another forum and this was the same thing I said! I think the prequels get unnecessary hate from Star Wars snobs.

  12. They're professionals, they do it every day, and besides they don't have an emotional attachment to these individuals. If you were reading an article to someone about someone that you don't know dying, would you start crying? probably not.

  13. Is there anyone who actually thinks George Floyd was a hero? I think most people just think he shouldn't have been murdered. I don't care if George Floyd wasn't a hero, I don't care if he wasn't a good person, I don't even care if he was innocent. All I care about is whether he was endangering the lives of the cops or someone else. If the answer is no (and it is), then nothing else about him justifies his death.

  14. How a man ejaculating inside of a woman will create an entire human being that ends up being a 50% replica of both of you.

  15. The empty roads... I remember when I first went out and it looked like I am Legend. I was smiling from ear to ear.

  16. I honestly believe they did that to harden men up for war and conflicts. But it's gone too far for too long where men are walking times bombs.

  17. I agree. Everything in moderation. Stoicism is vital for emergency periods or wartime, but not day to day life... at least not in excess.

  18. ¯_ (ツ)_/¯ that's just the culture that I find is more prevalent in female spaces. I've been upfront in times like that before and I've been labelled as "Bossy" or "Bitchy"

  19. I want a chick that looks like the letter d

  20. 😂 A man of culture! (Although I'll take both given the option).

  21. I got Oxy prescribed for chronic pain. If Heroin is like that, I understand why people use it to death.

  22. Good. Sometimes people transition to heroin for this reason.

  23. My BFF since second grade went through withdrawal as a teenager and has stayed clean every since. He went back to his cultural roots so to speak and it really helped him to stay sober.

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