1. J. Portrait-Baby America Would love some feedback on my new upbeat folk rock/Americana track:

  2. Don't have much to say other than impressive. Very professional. Think you'll go far mate.

  3. A punk rock song about working at a deli. All vocal effect were done analog going into my DAW.

  4. Super fun lyrics man. Makes me want to dance! Great song structure, harmonies and super catchy!

  5. Could hear this as a pop-punk song for sure. Good use of hooks!

  6. Catchy. Gave me Ben Rector-ish vibes at the beginning.

  7. Sounds familiar / simple - but in a good way. I think the length is good. Not sure about how you end it, maybe you could resolve to something a little more hopeful at the end.

  8. Beautiful chord progression! Love this. Vocals need a bit more tightening because on some parts it’s sounding a bit flat..

  9. Agreed with the above. Dig the chords. Keep it up.

  10. Did you manage to resolve this issue in the end?

  11. I've been locked out of my account for over 6 weeks now. About a week and a half ago, froufrou told me that she had put me on her personal to-do list, but I haven't heard a peep since then despite sending multiple messages just asking what's going on.

  12. I can tell you that the reason it may have been done faster is that we have implemented a system where empty accounts are automatically reset. Accounts with balances take longer as we have to verify ownership.

  13. What will happen to the NZDT that was deposited into the account if my 2FA is not reset before the cut off date with Cryptopias bank?

  14. I feel your pain as I am in the exact same boat. Not even an autoresponder when you email them which would increase the number of support tickets people create. All feels very unprofessional.

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