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  1. your children should not be on reddit if they're too young for the majority of content on it.

  2. you forgot the post on /t/ where the dude posted a torrent for pictures and videos of rupert

  3. use a third party app, they're designed by competent developers and they actually function

  4. This kind of thing has happened. Some of the doctors and child-case lawyers related kids explaining that Daddy's going to take them to disneyland if they testify just right.

  5. this actually happened to a friend. her mother was a huge piece of shit who tried to get full custody by making her claim her father was abusing her instead of her mother.

  6. sometimes its hard to recognize that streamers are people too. they have lives outside of youtube. you can't make someone else responsible for your own happiness. parasocial relationships are dangerous to both parties

  7. is it just me or are women like this who wear way too much makeup some serious uncanny valley shit? i will never see the appeal

  8. does anyone else remember tegami bachi? the manga was great but now nobody remembers it because the anime adaptation was bad. i'm still kinda rooting for it to get a second chance someday

  9. there are boomers who legitimately think this is how hacking works

  10. In reality it's just some Indian guy logging into your account because your details were leaked from a giant corporation.

  11. and that giant corporation uses flash for its login form and has no idea what sql injection is

  12. all these "they couldn't make _____ today" jokes are especially funny now that blonde got made. hollywood isn't as against "inappropriateness" as people think they are.

  13. social media is a plague and i unironically believe it will be the downfall of humanity. i left all social media years ago and my life is much better because of it.

  14. reddit is a forum site that's trying its best to pass itself off as a social media. but honestly im thinking about deleting this too

  15. I wanted to write ever since I was in high school. But when my parents forced me into going to college I didn't want to get an english degree because it sounded boring. So I went into film instead. I haven't actually sold anything yet but I did write a handful of screenplays and I'd like to get to the point where I can do this for a living someday.

  16. never ask reddit for advice, all you'll get is 14 year olds who have never been in a serious relationship and have no fucking clue what they're talking about

  17. ah yes, something news worthy. thank you, polygon.

  18. i still cant believe people unironically defend these shit games

  19. my dude do you want a new pc or a used lain shirt

  20. Might be random but what's your story about? I love some good mystery and thriller

  21. it's about an fbi agent who investigates a small island town where murders are taking place and the locals believe them to be the work of a local urban legend called the grimwalker.

  22. Oh, yeah! My favorite mystery thriller character: Ninomae Weeb (?)

  23. somehow i don't think "FBI special agent Paul Ninomae" is going to work out

  24. the really pathetic part is that this was really common like 15 years ago and for some reason some people are still doing it today

  25. im going through the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy books. i recently started life, the universe, and everything

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