1. I'm in severe trauma after watching them. Beating your wife to discipline her? 25 year old marrying a pre teen? Where the hell they get them? I mean God wtf is wrong with these people. Dude it's like they are still stuck in like what, the 10th century?

  2. He has black in him. Would the one drop rule apply? I see in america they use the one drop rule.

  3. Majority of US's economy comes from Democrat controlled states, so financially Democrats have the upper hand.

  4. I went to a Catholic school so most of what I know about the Bible is from there.

  5. From outside it seems to depend on the metric your using I’d put England as more progressive economically. I think they have stronger unions and shit ?. But probably California socially ? I’m not so sure about that though.

  6. It has been legal in Nepal for AGES. Wrong info there

  7. I'm surprised by Japan. You'd think with all the yuri/yaoi anime and manga, they'd be a bit more open to it.

  8. Well media isn't always the best way to learn about a country.

  9. Republicans have less favorable opinion on KKK than Democrats, that's interesting.

  10. The last time I checked, orange states had the highest poverty rates, lowest median household incomes, lowest education attainment rates, highest mortality rates, lowest life expectancies, highest crime rates, worst infrastructures and are most dependent on federal aid. When did that change?

  11. Those are not all true, like crime. But the most important piece of information is that the blue ones have the most unhappy people.

  12. So you're telling me people who earn more, enjoy better infrastructure and have overall higher standard of living, are unhappy compared to people who people who live in the worst states statistically?

  13. Idaho- A landlocked state in the rocky mountains region. Most people live in small cities and towns and vast majority of the people are White, with a few minorities in the capital.

  14. As a European it baffles me they have such statistics… last time here people started to make list of racial groups.. it did not end well.

  15. Last time I checked UK and Ireland has that to..... Also Netherlands asks that too among others.

  16. They really should not then. These maps only fuel divide.

  17. Not really. These stats help to understand population distribution.

  18. It is, we're all trying to flee the country! We're all moving to China, Russia, India, Egypt, Iran, Mexico any chance we get!!!!!!!

  19. Sure, some parts of the US can be ahead of the curve when it comes to a some things, like gay rights and marijuana legalization for example. But that's about it. I know this is such a le reddit comment but it really is true that the left in the US would be considered center to center-right almost anyway else in the world, if you disregard just a couple issues like gay rights.

  20. Take a DNA test and see what you are more (most likely European). If anything crosses 80% mark, just say your race is that and you have a little bit of xyz in you. Remember LATINO ISN'T A RACE.

  21. I'm sorry! I'm trying to figure out all the correct terms, apologies about that. But thank you for correcting me. I do really want to get a DNA test, maybe someday I'll be able to.

  22. Damn 56% Northern/Germanic is a lot, on top of that 27% Italian/Spanish. 83% European completely explains your situation:⁠-⁠)

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