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  1. Day 3 of usng no s. ts becomng ncreasngly dffcult to communcate. Autocorrect s gong haywre and my cat lost all respect for me, my toaster oven broke and shts been wld lately.

  2. Used to be a teacher, don’t think an elementary school next door would be so bad, middle school eh, but high school would suck lol. All the sporting events and marching band would be annoying traffic and noise I would imagine

  3. It’s a charter school so depending on the time of day, I hear a lot of different aged voices. No big events though aside from the occasional ball game that would require a referee whistle.

  4. No, I get it. At one point, it was definitely more economical and convenient to cut your cable. Unless you wanted to watch sports. Now, it REALLY depends on how many services you've got going as to how economical, and especially how convenient, it is. Netflix alone is starting to creep up towards cable cost territory.

  5. My in laws cut cable and now pay for internet, and then an amalgam of streaming services; YouTube TV alone is ~$60 from what they’ve told me. I’m torn between the two and can’t figure out what I’d prefer. I just want to specify I hate Comcast so much if I haven’t already said that I hate Comcast, so much.

  6. You win! Do you want the award here or on your award cabinet?

  7. Hi! Yes, sorry for the confusion please don’t ban him, I had requested it in the cabinet. I completely forgot the rules and if anyone is responsible I am, having been a GFG participant for a while.

  8. قالك مرة كان في اب كان بيحبس عياله في اودة. كان في خرم في الحيطه للتكيف كانوا بيخرجوا منه. في الاب قرر يسده وجاب مراته ووقف عليها عشان يطوله. فجاتله مكالمة من العيال وسأله فين بابا؟ قاله فوق ماما. سأله بيعمل ايه؟ قال بيسد الخرم إللي إحنا طلعنا منه.

  9. looks incredible bro great job 💪🏼

  10. Purchased sept 2021, 13k miles and prepped for winter! Paint was getting a bit swirly and water stopped beading so it was time for the waxing process.

  11. And if they see me and realize I’m not massive, I’ll just chuckle and say “oh Big Terry is gonna love you”

  12. if only there was a way to put the magical smoke back in

  13. Well he’s going lefty loosy, if he goes righty tighty then all the smoke just shfooooot back in

  14. Don’t feel awful, you can scrape it off with something plastic, it won’t hurt the enamel. Don’t feel bad, we all do things unintentionally from time to time, and sometimes often! Happy birthday :)

  15. here is the source article. there’s a small paywall but if you have an iPhone, as soon as the page loads, put your webpage in “reader” and you can enjoy the article without the mild paywall.

  16. Someone’s putting their manship in there alright

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