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  1. There's a program called Generation which seems to have a branch in Brazil, I am about to start their US version, eu não falo muito português mas :

  2. All the rest of these comments have said it all but as a cynical fucking person who doesn't believe in shit and is accustomed to being fucked over by the elites and stuck in a cycle of poverty and homelessness, this new development outlined here makes me a new level of fucking miserable. This shit is more blatant than the 2008 bailout. These people who have degrees in economics from ivys make decisions like this while regular people can't afford a place to live and have to work three jobs. This makes me fucking sick.

  3. You already have a SIGNED CONTRACT. You don't need a new letter. They are banking on you doing nothing. Hold them to your SIGNED CONTRACT.

  4. Exactly this. & a new letter would only be proof that you are re-negotiating your contract, which you shouldn't be doing, since you already have a good one. Don't let em twist you.

  5. NAH. This person has clearly shown their priorities-- their own feelings, their problems, and what they want (i.e. a hookup). I don't blame you for being frustrated; from the outside it doesn't sound like a reciprocal kind of friendship. You definitely WNBTA if you brought it up, but unless there is some specific reason they haven't seen you (e.g. they have an ex or enemies in your neighborhood, they are allergic to your cats, etc.) then it's clear that they just aren't putting in the same amount of effort that you are. To clarify, I am voting "NAH" and not "NTA" because I think it's neutral; they are who they are with their self-motivated priorities, it doesn't exactly make them an AH (not like they stood you up waiting for them and went to hook up instead, that would be different story) but also I personally wouldn't expect them to be someone who is going to go out of their way for you in the same way that you have for them, because they've proven what their priorities are (their own problems and desires...not spending time together with their caring friend). :-/ From there, you can make a decision about how much time you want to give them going forward.

  6. Bumping this thread to see if anyone can shed some light on this form of interview and the types of questions, for transferring to undergrad Yale.

  7. I did one for Eli Whitney program so it's probably not identical but similar I bet. It wasn't as grueling as it could have been thankfully. Mine was three questions, with a 2 or 3 minute time limit per question (I can't remember tbh). They also give you practice questions beforehand which are not "graded" but you can see yourself on camera and acclimate to the format.

  8. I just want to say this is a quality Sankey. Well-executed and I like that it includes method of application. And congrats on the job!!

  9. Hi, does anyone have any information about the decision dates for Eli Whitney Students Program? It's still listed as "TBD" in the admissions portal. In the application info site it's listed as mid to late May; this seems kind of late considering the summer component most students would have to do (I think? ONEXYS?) so I'm wondering if this is just the cut-off latest date most decisions would be released by, rather than an average time that all decisions would be communicated. Can any current/prior Eli Whitney students clarify this process at all? Also, any information about the off-campus housing supplement provided through financial aid would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  10. Recorded video interview invites go out in April. These are optional and basically like recording a video of yourself answering a question and talking to the admissions committee - just not live. Apparently they offer live interviews (on zoom) to a select few. As far as admission dates, just go by what’s on the website.

  11. Anatomy and physiology may be more important to know than chemistry

  12. This was my exact thought, physiology in particular. I think this would be the most efficient way to get a basic understanding of how drugs are going to work in the body (and how to speak about them to clients in a way that reflects basic knowledge) without going down a rabbithole that OP doesn't have time to journey into.

  13. Oh yes…the just asking questions defense. In reality there is no value in treating bad faith arguments as good faith arguments for the sake of discussion.

  14. My partner of 8 years dumped me when I was diagnosed with a mental illness. He said that he didn't want to continue suffering with my illness.

  15. Omg. I feel this. My ex broke up with me the night before I started chemotherapy. He told me "I just wish things didn't have to be so heavy." Umm...me too bro...??

  16. YTA for having unclear boundaries/ground rules and then subsequently firing the nanny who has been with you for ~9 years (and thus forming a relationship with your children during that time) via text because you looked around you and saw your own house was out of control when the nanny wasn't even there. Even the way you fired her was vague ("start looking for a new job..." umm ok when? 2 weeks? immediately?)

  17. The problem is long term storage. OP only drinks coffee when she needs it.

  18. I am a caffeine addict with chronic pain issues that caffeine alleviates (also was a barista for many many years so my tolerance is too high for most regular coffee) and in lieu of making homemade cold brew or buying the delicious bottled kind, I recommend having some of the canned kind around which is primarily shelf stable (the "latte" or "nitro" kind usually aren't, but there are a couple of other brands that are). That way, OP can hide a case of it in their room without worrying about anyone stealing it. I also keep sugar free Red Bull around for emergencies. I think the weird vitamin mixture helps.

  19. The manipulation of making you feel guilty for setting a boundary and asking for comfort is extremely scary and a huge warning sign. That is not okay.

  20. Exactly, this is the worst part of this. It's bad that he doesn't see the problem with their rules but that can be chalked up to bad programming, but the way he is handling her feelings about it and the way he is manipulating the situation where OP then needs to comfort him...unacceptable. OP will be forced to internalize everything because any divergence from his/his family's bottom line will result in guilt trip.

  21. Yo iría con las mexas pero creo que están más grandes y mejor comidas las de NY 🤣.

  22. Soy nuevayorqueña y en este video las ratas me parecen igualitas (son como perritos en los 2 sitios) pero creo que tenemos populacion de 100:1 sobre las ratis tijuanenses (por tener tanto espacio subterraneo del subway, etc). Por eso no es una batalla justa.

  23. Yeah I wasn’t aware it was something you could get an associates in but my college is offering it and I was wondering if an associates would get my foot in the door and then continue my education

  24. I don't know why people are downvoting this when you are asking a reasonable question.

  25. Thank you! This helped and was actually a great answer and not passive aggressive like some. It was just something I was curious about because I considered transferring to a 4 year school once I was done with my associates degree and getting a bachelors degree in CE but I know I didn’t work that correctly. I was just curious what jobs I could get if any after getting my associates that would also allow me to continue my education.

  26. NTA.The fact that she inserted herself into your life (via social media) without telling you the history she had with your husband is off. If she really had wanted to be your friend, she would have been up front about their history; the fact that she wasn't is a huge red flag to me. She was with someone else at the time yet was sniffing around your married life, then she pops up again after you have a baby. I don't like the timing of this.

  27. Anyone have any leads for how to get booster vaccinated in San Ysidro? I'm volunteering in Tijuana for the next 5 months and I don't drive, so it'd be ideal if there is a place I can walk over the border to get it done, but I couldn't find anything in that area when I searched online. The only places I saw in San Ysidro listed were clinics where you have to become a patient of the clinic first. Thanks for any help :)

  28. Thanks! Google Maps says you don't need a membership to get a vaccine but also that their pharmacy is closed on Sundays. They were also not accepting appointments ("no dates available") so maybe it's purely walk in. I saw that there is a Walmart in that same plaza that's near the trolley, that is also giving vaccines so even though Walmart also has no appointments available I might just give it a try. Thanks!

  29. I'm in my mid/late 30's and in my second semester of engineering school. I struggled with math in high school (failed algebra twice), although I always enjoyed practical math. I feel like now is the time for older students with other responsibilities to be able to finish/start degrees, because there are more online options available (not having to worry about commuting to work and school, etc.). U Buffalo has an online Engineering Science degree for example; it's not ABET-accredited unlike their other degrees, but your post made me think of it because I'm not sure whether it matters to your employer. ASU also has an online electrical engineering degree (ABET-accredited).

  30. This. Just exchange some money, and you won't have to worry about people accepting it or not, or not being able to make change for US bills over a certain amount, or getting weird exchange rates from wherever you are making a purchase. I also feel like it's more respectful as a tourist.

  31. no worries. in tijuana theyve got this system of like route taxis that serve as like neighborhood buses of sorts. theyre usually 90s era chevy astros or newer nissan cargo vans outfitted to carry like 9 passengers. each colonia will have a unique color scheme corresponding to their route/home base. the purple and white runs from libertad through the border, past zona rio, to downtown. costs about 85 cents but never pays anything in american coin in tj. keep in strickly dollar bills or pesos. you can pick up that taxi or a bus to centro literally soon as you cross past the final gate into mexico look left and viola. you can avoid the hassle of tracking down this taxi though by just walking to downtown theres signs everywhere it aint all that dangerous either. once in downtown find karnes en su jugo. itll be by a gas station. across the street from that location looking east youll see a yellow and white taxi that has a placard in a corner windshield denoting rosarito/centro. that and only that taxi is the one youre looking for itll take you right to downtown/pier of rosarito. pay attention to where it drop you off and when youre ready to head back to tj cross the street from where you were left and catch the same color taxi. this taxi is 20 or 25 pesos one way or like a buck 50 give or take, have fun

  32. hey i know this is an older post, but wondering if you would comment on about how long the ride takes in the rosarito van (assuming like a medium/"normal" amount of traffic), and about how often they would run (during normal daytime hours that is)? i'm assuming it would usually be pretty full if it's the only one that goes that route, and so if it doesn't come that often i'm wondering how much time to budget to wait for the next one if it's jammed packed. thanks for any pro tips :)

  33. ride takes like an hour, they run give or take every half hour its overall pretty reasonable

  34. Someone literally just told me about zenne like 15 mins ago. She said that she got her glasses for $14US. The only problem is not getting it the same day but dang those prices are nice. My local optometrist office wants to charge me $530US. Thanks for the recommendation!

  35. I've been using Zenni since 2008 and it's awesome, it's helpful if you need prescription sunglasses too, they keep expanding their sunglass selection. The only ones I got from there that were bad were a pair of "sports" glasses that had a weird curve that wasn't quite accurate. Other than that everything else is great and I highly recommend.

  36. Same, 36 and just finished my first semester. They won't reject you from the program when your gray hairs start popping out. 😅 I'm not likely going to finish before I'm 40 and it's fine. I spent my life working in other stuff for less money and so whatever time I spend working in engineering at an actual living wage is going to be awesome, even if it's less time than my peers spend.

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