1. I struggle here too on the exact same thing. Love the look of the 1974 off road package but it kills me they won’t let me have a HUD…

  2. I really like the food up there but culturally speaking I don't think that's Austin. The suburbs are VERY different here and have a different history. Moving out there from a real city like pittsburgh sounds like major cultureshock.

  3. I work for one of the larger local tech companies that isn’t often mentioned here. We’ve officially been in a hiring freeze since November, but we are still doing a few hires a here and there. We are definitely cutting pet projects and only focusing on necessary investments.

  4. If you don’t think Indeed didn’t over hire you are an idiot like the SLT…

  5. This video seems pointless by the end of it. It started out like it had a purpose, but at the end it was lost.

  6. Savagegeese is just pumping out videos now for that sweet YouTube cash

  7. Rates are high, probably in a recession, layoffs happening, hiring frozen.

  8. Entry level homes selling for luxury home prices... with the largest increase in mortgage rates we've seen in decades???

  9. Do you need the truck space? I mean why not a raptor? The tundra is not especially reliable or nice inside.

  10. I’ve been seeing lots of camera footage and long posts (on NextDoor) from people in the neighborhoods on both sides of mopac south of William Cannon and north of slaughter (maple run on the north side and all the neighborhoods near Dock Nichols park) weekly car break-ins. There was one video that showed about a dozen dudes walking down the street checking every car for unlocked ones.

  11. It’s rare in Legend Oaks, Western Oaks, and Circle C. It happens sure, but not often and almost everyone has cameras.

  12. I went with a 2023 Tundra 1794 model over a 22 ram limited. They were both about the same price wise. I don’t think either would have been a bad choice. So far happy with it!

  13. I’m looking at the 1974 as well. Did you get the off road? Or did you get the premium package with HUD?

  14. Maybe not really sure , I’m more thinking that demand for Tesla plummeted and they don’t have enough preorders so panic kicked in , you see when they sell direct to consumer it’s one in one out , the moment you have more and no dealers to move them you outlook doesn’t look good

  15. They’re public, go look at the inventories on their balance sheet

  16. I think the prices will continue to rise. The supply chain issues are here for a few more years and more inflation impacts will eventually be reflected in the price. MSRP will continue to climb each year.

  17. Actual Sale price is declining or MSRP? Are prices dropping below MSRP yet? If so that would be great news.

  18. I sold a Focus ST to them a couple years ago. They had to reschedule multiple times. When they did show up it was a really great experience. The driver took it around the block, gave the ok, gave me paperwork, and then a check.

  19. I sold mine 6 months ago. The inspection was a 90 second FaceTime. I’m not kidding. The FaceTime couldn’t see any of the dents or scratches and the guy on their end said the car looked amazing.

  20. IIRC TxDOT initially justified this project with the dollar cost of traffic delays.

  21. Using a politics website for your back up doesn’t help your argument.

  22. Trains to what? We’re way to rural for a train in Texas replacing an interstate

  23. Regional rail connecting Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Buda and Bastrop would get so many drivers off of I-35. Better rail connections between San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston would get even more people off the road. This won’t even be a new thing, all of places used to be connected with passenger trains not that long ago. Rural Texas towns like College Station, Llano, and Taylor were literally built by Texas railroad.

  24. Abbott knows he can "support" all kinds of stuff to make himself look good, because he knows he doesn't control the legislative agenda in the regular session. He's secure in the knowledge that Dan Patrick won't let such a bill onto the floor.

  25. That doesn’t make sense though. Just stay silent on it at that point…

  26. Same kind of situation as a needle exchange. Instead we have higher transmission of disease and used needles in our green spaces. Fucking politics.

  27. I’m neither for nor against needle exchanges. Do you have sources on if they improve littering though?

  28. The amount of parking downtown has doubled in the past 10 years. While the amount of roads downtown has been flat, and in fact, can't be increased. Adding more parking to roads that are already full is a waste of valuable space and building materials.

  29. Appreciate the fair and honest response. What do you think is "extremely leftist" about Greg?

  30. He believes in free college and retirement age of 65. I find all that to be more left than center. He also has no real economic policy other than “tax the rich!” That’s a slogan, not a policy.

  31. Are you saying 65 is too old or too young to retire?

  32. If you aren't an asshole and want to lift weights, Iron Vault. It's a small space off Ben White ... tons of free weights, racks, deadlift platforms. I think two cardio machines, a bike and an elliptical? It's very much a lifting gym.

  33. I thought IronVault sucked. Tons of racks sure but it’s all cheap equipment and everything is on top of each other. Plus there was always “trainers” there that go in the way with their clients.

  34. Performed improv here a bunch over the past year, super sad to see it go.

  35. They were at the entrance of the east bridge and then moved onto the middle of the bridge with a big group. Now there is a second group at the entrance of the west bridge. Do they need a cult members at every mile marker next to spread their bullshit. Part of my family are JW and they shun their own family members that aren’t in their cult. Fucking end of the world fear mongering bigots.

  36. Inane, as in lacking sense. Not insane; I’m not trying to be hyperbolic.

  37. Lot of people saying capacity, but none of them are mentioning the insanely obvious and more cost effective way to increase capacity: more buses. Or, better yet, buses and real bike infrastructure. If we want to go for broke: light rail.

  38. You act like bus infrastructure is free dude, it’s definitely not.

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