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  1. Spending real life money to buy stabilizers to open time capsules to sell their stuff on the broker. In fact, you'll also be able to gather a lot of collections this way for yourself, so it's a win-win for you if you don't care about spending some cash

  2. This. I spent money on the black adam capsule when it came out and during the rush, I was able to make good money.

  3. Yeah. Everytime someone asks "how do I get XXXX faster?", the answer is always the same: spend some cash. Replay badges, arts, quarks, collections, rare items. Always the same.

  4. So buy them again and again and again and... When does it stop??? XD

  5. When you reach your 16th character, which is the limit you can create.

  6. https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/looking-for-a-face-style.312456/

  7. Dude, I haven't laughed this hard in months. Thank you so much.

  8. Players have been doing a memorial all day at the bat-signal in gotham since this was known, just a FYI in case anyone wants to join.

  9. I'm playing for fun. I like the cars in GTA. I've done Cayo enough times.

  10. Don't worry. The stupid is that imbecile to even think that everyone needs to play an open game full of activities the way he does. Enjoy YOUR game the way you want! Cheers.

  11. Well... I had a discussion once with a bunch of friends (both genders) and my wife about this topic (not just GTA, but general gaming) and we concluded 3 things.

  12. That's correct. And not only the character creation but the way we select, approach, and play our games has everything to do with our IRL counterpart because, technically, it's an extension of our thoughts and/or personality inside a digital world. So, yeah, I wouldn't say "real world implications" per se, since, for example, if I kill someone inside the GTA world, I don't go to jail IRL, nor I'm going to or want to kill someone IRL. I'd rephrase it to "an extension of our recreational thoughts inside a digital and fictitious environment ", with those being "looking some ass" or killing a videogame toon.

  13. Yup. That's the face this entire comments section is making to you

  14. I wil check it out, do you have alot of input lag with sound and wireless ? Or is it basically the same as wired these days

  15. Depends on the brand. Some have a bit of a lag (it is minimum, but still notorious), especially the cheaper ones. But not only that, the sound is also... a bit "metallic". If you want wireless, BOSE and Harman Kardon are your top options by far (zero lag and incredible sound). Sony also has pretty damn good wireless options but, for me, only their top systems can compete with the other 2 brands (not for the lag because it is also non-existent but because of the sound quality). Here's a

  16. I really apreciate the help man thanks !

  17. No problem! Glad to help. If you have any other doubt or need some advice feel free to DM me.

  18. 100? Damn... Just look for the bronze metal chroma. It's basically the same shit without the hieroglyphics and a lot, A LOT cheaper.

  19. Good option too. But I have radio off all the time for 2 main reasons:

  20. I do the same, GTA is just art. Just watching the sunset or walking. What platform you’re on?

  21. Yeah, totally agree. I like to spend a lot of my in-game time trying to find gems such as in nature, architecture, cars, clothing, even NPCs' dialogues that crack me pretty often, etc. I'm on PS5

  22. Which radio station is that one? I've never heard that song before

  23. Looks like any other of the characters created with those YT tutorials made by MrsAlien I think is her username? Pretty standard tbh

  24. Don't know who that is but thanks I'll check it 'cause if that's standard I like it

  25. Yeah, or just make a quick Google search "GTAO female character" in case I was wrong with her username. Looks exactly like the ones displayed there, and it is well known in this subreddit that a lot of people with a female character appeal to those tutorials. So, again, pretty standard since a lot of characters look exactly like yours, just with makeup changes here and there

  26. I haven't played in bit and they added + redesigned Black Adam? We can probably expect a dlc soon.

  27. https://www.strangeoutdoors.com/mysterious-stories-blog/geraldine-largay

  28. I always think of that lady hiker that got lost when taking a ‘bathroom break’ off the trail and being found deceased in her little emergency tent with her diary that she updated over the month it took her to starve to death, yet she was really close to the track all along.

  29. Yeah, when you receive the call from your assistant about you getting raided, the best thing you can do is call your mechanic, ask for the MK II and go as fast as you can to your warehouse. Why? Because the amount of crates you lose is progressive. You'll see a "special cargo remaining" bar and, obviously, it has a timer (random), so, the longer you take to kill all the enemies (10), the amount of crates you lose. If you change sessions/close app, it will count as if the raid was successful. I don't remember if it counts as fully successful or just partially, but anyway you'll lose a shit ton of crates.

  30. Allrighty then! So I’ll just keep the warehouses at 88 and not afk. Got it.

  31. This sub is getting ridiculous because of this kind of stuff. That cat is awesome and I'm not even a cat person. Nothing about it is oddly terrifying smh

  32. At this point the sub needs to be deleted & remade, I mean this is a adorable fluffy kitten in a sub about terrifying things. How does one sub lose its focus so hard

  33. Ikr. Like those posts about terrifying suburbs, and just showing a bunch of houses. Seriously?

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