1. Reading Ancient Godly Monarch again. It’s my favourite Novel period.

  2. Maybe my fav as well, I realklky enjoy how dificult the MC makes things for himself. I enjoy MC's having to suffer a bit before winning. Currently reading PMG from the same author and it's kind of a similar vibe.

  3. I read PMG I loved it but I didn’t finish I’ll go back to it after this.

  4. Maybe try a little bit of both. I religiously count my calories, and I fast every day. Some days I do a 14/10 fast (14 hours fasting, 10 hour eating window) and some days I do a 16/8 fast (16 hours fasting 8 hour eating window). Super easy with great results. Eat your allotted calories within that time frame. Gives your digestive system a chance to rest, and gets in to fat burning mode without going crazy extended periods of time fasting.

  5. You got it! I’m now trying intermittent fasting instead I’ll slowly try to figure out the time that is best for me! Thank you for your suggestion.

  6. Please seek help immediately! 500 calories is way too small! I suspect this might be the beginning stages of anorexia please seek professional help and increase your calories ASAP!

  7. You’ve posted on this subreddit before and for the umpteenth time no you are not ugly.

  8. Hello young master I am the holy saintess of the sexy maiden sect. If you let me have this treasure perhaps I will be willing to be your bethroed

  9. If you invite me for tea to discuss this heavenly treasure I'd definitely, positively, absolutely drink the spirit tea you'll brew with no wariness or misgivings about whether it has a deadly crippling poison mixed in with it!

  10. I always always always recommend a person eat for between their sedentary and their base metabolic rate. It takes way less figuring if he eat the same amount every day, and has a healthy enough buffer in there to count for any errors. I recommend you do this, and do it for a couple weeks and if your weight doesn’t start coming down, then shave 100 cal off and then just keep doing that every couple weeks.

  11. They're all estimates. Pick something and try it for a few weeks. If you lose weight too fast or are too hungry, increase your calorie goal a little. If you lose weight too slowly, decrease your goal a little.

  12. I will try that thank you! I do want to lose around one pound per week I don’t mind that at all I just want to be consistently losing that’s all. Thanks again!

  13. You've lost 65 pounds in less than a year. You're 2/3 of the way to your goal weight. If you keep this up, you could literally be at your goal by next summer.

  14. I’m so happy you have gotten to such a healthy head space. Well done! Of course, old tapes will surface time to time. Just don’t play them! My weight loss journey has been three years, and I probably have two more to go. I am profoundly disabled from spinal chord injury. Losing weight without being able to exercise is HARD! Until last year I was able to walk about twenty minutes twice a week. That became harder and harder. Now I only walk outside the house for errands.

  15. The eyebrows are a lot better this time! It compliments your hair a lot! I honestly think this is perfect

  16. The subreddit is just showing how kids are fucking stupid.. this kid is fucking stupid.

  17. The only way I’ve lost weight successfully is by fasting. But that’s just me

  18. Shave off the beard my guy. Grow out your hair a lil bit. Grow out your eyebrows and reshape them. Lose your nose ring. You can dye your hair a darker colour too but that one is just me. Anyway good luck

  19. Congratulations omg!! This made me so happy to read 🤍🤍

  20. Did you put the tips on them? Sorry if that is a stupid question but looks like they’re missing and then would make sense why they don’t fit.

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