1. Artemis is very much not into fucking though. Keep up that talk and you can expect to be turned into a stag.

  2. You’d be surprised by how many people don’t know that.

  3. Class D extinguisher is the only kind that will work, but they're very expensive. Next best thing is to put the smoking battery in a giant bucket of sand (think 40 gallon trashcan), and pile more sand on top, preferably outdoors.

  4. I guess having a pair of welding gloves near by too?

  5. That wouldn't hurt, but lithium burns at about 3600F, which is hotter than most gloves are rated for.

  6. Lemme tell you, it actually is. I don't pick my hair out very often anymore (because it takes so much effort, my hair is longer than I can reach above my head), but when I do fro it out, I'll see my hair in my peripherals all day and think it's a car in my blindspot while I'm driving or a person or animal next to me in a room.

  7. I actually love this book but expecting us to believe an American would ever use Decimeters is nuts!!!!

  8. Maybe his dad worked for nasa or another governmental agency.

  9. Some kind of "rice purity test" which is basically just "how many times have you either had sexual experiences (which most of it consists of), trouble with the law or violence" and has 100 things to cross off, and a score of 96 meant i only had experienced 4 of the things in it.

  10. Apparently the Dunwich company had a Mojave quarry.

  11. Just take it off. You don’t need one

  12. They are a legal requirement both front and back in New Zealand. Also I’d say for the average consumer who either doesn’t have a kickstand or leans their bike on the drive side constantly, they are a good idea. Because when they’re D hanger gets bent the chain won’t Play hide and seek behind the cassette.

  13. Well yea… but most riders are bloody numptys

  14. The fact that you’re calling it a compound means you’ll undoubtedly be raided by the ATF and FBI and they will shoot your dog. It’s only a matter of time.

  15. I wonder if you could build near a electronic noise collector antenna. That way the public wouldn’t have access to resources that would be able to find you.

  16. I would have through they might have turned their engines off.

  17. "While the galaxy revealed few answers, it was more than willing to provide more questions."

  18. The Courier is from NCR. That was stated when Ulysses spoke of the package they delivered from NCR territory to the Divide. Even someone as cynical as Cass wants an NCR victory. It's a toss up. I'd say it depends on how scorned they feel from their dealings with their homeland. Either House or NCR though. Personally I want to see a House victory canonized.

  19. Even tho the Courier is from the NCR doesn’t mean they will side with the republic I mean look at Caesar he was born into the republic and look how he turned out. But yeah I think House or NCR endings are canonised

  20. The ncr through them under the bus in the divide.

  21. Yeah, this is already happening. Myself included, women are opting out of sex and relationships for self-protection. The systems in place are failing us. If we date and get hurt, it's our fault. If we have sex and get knocked up, it's our responsibility. Cops do nothing, the gov does nothing, and we have nowhere to go if we are trying to escape dv. The cost on our lives is too high, it's not worth it. Personally, I'm out. I've never been happier or safer, than I am now, alone and without a man or sex.

  22. Life will be so much simpler when we have artificial wombs and no one will ever have to have sex ever again. That would be Ace.

  23. Grungs don’t know common. Which is hilarious

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