1. The name makes me want it sssooooo fkn bad. Taste accurate?

  2. i didn’t get too much cheese from it like i said it tastes like gasoline and smells like captain crunch!

  3. i’ve bought flower from them twice and both times i couldn’t finish it. i trust everyone else saying they are great but for me i’m not going back for a while. i will say their prices are great tho

  4. again if anyone has any flower suggestions to try next let me know

  5. good suggestion when it’s on sale next i’ll pick it up

  6. The grape pie was a huge letdown. Grabbed a 8.49 and the smell is definitely off. The trim job was shotty af too.

  7. i was the one who got the grape pie pics and honestly i agree with you it needed a week or two more but you will never see that in ohio nowadays. it’s unfortunate but like i said in my post it’s some of the freshest and best smelling flower i’ve had in a while.

  8. Where did you find this in the bigger Artifact Jar if you don’t mind me asking

  9. Bloom in Painesville, they also have solo burger in 8.49

  10. Well I can def taste the blueberry short genetics of this raspberry moon cheese but still get that heavy cheesiness from that uk cheese genetics as well! Def a solid smoke would pick up again 9/10

  11. sorry i didn’t know that mine is an 23 SE i would have thought the LE had the same

  12. you should try putting it in sport mode if you don’t you will notice the car will accelerate a lot quicker. i had the same issue but i kept the car in eco mode and when i switched to sport it was a very noticeable increase in acceleration

  13. Ghost OG by Klutch is my favorite strain Klutch has to offer. The terps are perfect and the taste is buttery and piney

  14. i feel like not enough people talk about this one the genetics are amazing and the flavor is on point too

  15. Short is better, with weak neck traits. Long stalks just means more non active material as the stalks don't have the goodies. People bred long stalks under a false assumption that they are better to make hash/or look better I guess, etc

  16. i had one concentrate from them and it was terrible i couldn’t finish it

  17. Ohio will likely never allow cause the money lost would be massive!! Pricing is insane as it is now. It seems like this state will be stuck in the limbo it’s in. I didn’t renew my med card in March cause jobs don’t care if you have it or not. You’re outta here! I buy my medicine from online vendors who sell THCA. Which is no different than the flower at the dispensary. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized all hemp yet many haven’t even noticed yet. Check out Arete, WNC-CBD, & VeteransGrown. Plus it’s cheap and you can get actual 1/8ths…

  18. the only problem i see with online thc a flower is that it’s not regulated as well as an ohio dispensary

  19. As a tech who doesn’t drink energy drinks Id never take this but id be happy with a water.

  20. what did you use to take the first pic? it’s a great pic

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