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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/ShitPostCrusaders/comments/rtejcx/It%27s_ironic_that_an_anime_so_infamous_for_supposedly_being_%22gay_as_heck%22_can_also_be_so_%22Christian_as_heck%22_sometimes._Not_that_I%27m_complaining./hqtf77t/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3

  2. You're a guy. You wouldn't get it.

  3. 3donut to 8donut, seems like a literal upgrade

  4. Even better: There’s a member of the Spider-Verse named Anya Corazon.

  5. Funny, considering star platinum did the whole time stop thing after me.

  6. Okay okay so the universe is expanding (one easy way to know this is how light from other galaxies is red which means their moving away in thermal light/whatever it’s called) but not at all faster than the speed of light (which is technically impossible due to Einstein’s theory of relativity) but the speed at which it is expanding is roughly estimated to be around 150,000 mph so if that answers anyones’ questions there you go, also expansion is happening all around not just in centralized areas basically the universe is like a sort of sphere and that sphere is expanding on all over as to not implode in on itself ( I hope none of that came off as rude or anything else offensive I just wanted to answer some questions but if it did come of as offensive in any way I am truly sorry and did not intend for that to happen) p.s. Have a nice day/night/afternoon!

  7. You did not come off as rude. Although, the expansion of the universe in further places, is faster than light. I remember recently watching videos on the topic, all saying the same thing. (I can send it to you if you like) but yeah, I guess what I was thinking about is more along the lines of The Big Rip or something.

  8. Lmao "morio cho ratio" is the best thing i’ve read today 😂

  9. Yeah,he's quite ruthless with his beat downs compared to most protaganists.Kinda what I like about him tbh.

  10. Sorry for bothering you… i don’t master quite English( i’m a Québécois, or Canadian French for simple)

  11. wait if this is an alternate universe and ame replaces giorno giovanna then what is her stand name,stand stat,stand ability and what is their family tree

  12. (Sorry if it's not that good, I literally just did some research on who Watson Amelia is. Also, please get the references that I put in...)

  13. Not as wholesome since it seems to cause excruciating pain when he does it, but you’re absolutely right

  14. Thank god, I didn't want Tadano to bite the dust

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