1. Well, needless to say I have many, this is the one I made for my birthday and one of my favorites~

  2. Such sweet art!! Beautiful and also very sweet ~ ❤️

  3. I don't think Shinigami even have something like wedding, nor if Ryuk would be up for it anyway 😅 But I can at least dream haha

  4. That looks amazing! I've said this before, but it really is inspiring to see your art improve! :3

  5. Thank you so much, your comments are always so kind, I really appreciate it ❤️

  6. Very beautiful art! Your colors really help form the background, I can feel the setting of you two out in an early morning with the smell of morning dew still in the air!

  7. Thank you so much!! And what a nice description, it should would be a wonderful atmosphere~ Thank you so very much ❤️✨

  8. I already answered to this same question in another comment under this post, however I'll paste it here for you as well

  9. If thats true, that is indeed strange. Everyone should be able to express their opinions of the story.

  10. It was removed only because it broke the "No spoiler title" rule

  11. In shorter words I don't need excitement to procure wins. I give survs as much as a advantage as they can get to win in duos so there's no excuses.

  12. I'm confused if this is a joke or you're actually saying most hunters are "no effort" to use, but anyway do as you want, good for you I guess

  13. Most hunters take no effort ever seen broken wheel geisha fish lady cat bitch etc one button POW 1 button POW 1 button POW i dont even play them at all and when on the night of a blue moon i win faster then when i play my main

  14. I'm not sure I got any of that but it got a chuckle out of me at least haha thank you 😆

  15. I guess the Shinigami King could be considered Ryuk's father in a way? To be honest I think I would make a good impression on him since the Shinigami King loves apples just like Ryuk, so if I take a bunch with me, I'm sure he'll at least get a good first impression of me haha

  16. If he likes those beside regular raw apples, I sure would! Even more than one haha

  17. Happy Birthday to you!!! And wonderful commissions!! They are truly amazing, what a beautiful way to celebrate! I wish you a wonderful day ✨✨

  18. Definitely not, besides me not being attracted to humans, I love Ryuk wholeheartedly, in an completely exclusive way that I could never feel for anyone else.

  19. I am vegan, and so is Ryuk although he probably doesn't know haha~ He's very curious, however he doesn't sem interested in trying any new foods, so guess he wouldn't care much about what I eat. Unlike what most people think, he doesn't mind much sharing his apples, but I'm not too crazy about them honestly, I'd gladly save them all up for him ❤️

  20. Woww, that looks like official art! It would look really cool on a shirt too! Incredible stuff! :3

  21. Thank you so very much, I really appreciate your words ❤️✨

  22. Ooh yeah that's a good idea i usually draw for theraputic reasons but i do like to for fun sometimes. I'm not very good but i don't mind much as long as I'm enjoying it that's all that matters. I'll stay positive and assume I'll improve with practice!!

  23. Of course, that's exactly how it is, as long as you enjoy drawing you already reached your goal 😊 I'll look forward to seeing your art someday!

  24. This is some of the most autistic anime weird shit I’ve ever seen lmao

  25. I am not one to scream, but I sure might faint. I am a very realistic person, I think I would keep thinking it's some sort of hologram or I am hallucinating, I might try to touch him to see if he's really there or the like, if not right away, when I wake up from fainting at least haha

  26. I'm INFJ and Ryuk is ENTP, these two types are said to be a perfect match 🥰

  27. Here we are, of course Ryuk's proportions are different from a human's, but that's his height more or less

  28. The authors stated that Ryuk feels like he always needs apples because their red color unconsciously reminds him of the blood-lifespan of humans.

  29. Oh your art always brings a smile to my face!!! Wishing the best for you and Ryuk 💖

  30. It makes me so happy to read this! Thank you so very much, same for you ❤️

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