1. Hey! I’m also a 3rd year poli-sci major. I’m planning to start a new club on campus focused on creating legislative change in riverside if you’re interested!

  2. Hey totally! Do you have a discord or Insta for the club set up yet?

  3. I’m in the same boat, my major advisor approved it same day but the registrar is taking soo long 😭

  4. We should do ghost adventures style investigation( bring camera, audio recorders, crufix, etc) on Olmsted Halls. Who down to go ???!!

  5. I am 100% down to do this one day!!!

  6. Im in SOC 001 too, I haven’t seen any discords or group me for the class yet either, don’t think anyones made one yet

  7. Hey! Im down, Im a second year polisci major, It's been a while since I last played mario kart so i'll probably get destroyed but im down to play lol. Dm me if you wanna meet up!

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