1. Just watch some youtube Videos about building the pre-painted Aoshima kits. They work a little bit different than other kits, because they are pre-painted :-) . I assume you do not want to ruin the existing paint job ;-)

  2. If you refer to Jeremy Clarkson, he likes the 928. Personal Story of his, regarding his dad passing away. There is a video out there were he talks about it.

  3. Every brand has its old kits they reuse for decades and new ones with often more details, better fit etc. Also the companies share or license kits from other companies as well.

  4. For me it made no difference. I put both colors with airbrush thinner in a small plastic cup and mixed it with a brush. Then poured it in the airbrush and sprayed it. Did the same with Citadel paints for airbrushing and mixing. Just mix it to your usual consistency before putting it in the airbrush to avoid inconsistent mixes in the airbrush cup.

  5. I think the rule of cool is valid, because we will never see these fatasy or sci-fi warriors with glowing or burning swords in real life.

  6. Eher die Arbeit, da man immer wenn neue Themen kommen es einen reingedrückt wird, obwohl man schon Kapa mäßig ausgelastet bzw schon drüber ist. Da die Auslastung so hoch gerade in der Firma ist, werde ich in 3 Themen gleichzeitig eingearbeitet und muss währenddessen auch Sachen für alle 3 machen, plus meine anderen Aufgabengebiete. Natürlich soll ich innerhalb von 1,5-2 Wochen alles zu den Themen wissen, die die Firma über Jahre aufgebaut hat.

  7. Sprech mit deinem Chef, frag nach Prioritäten.

  8. Leider permanent und prio ist alles. Ist also normal do, nur in den letzten 2-3 Wochen wurde das pensum sogar angezogen, was nicht so geil war.

  9. Wenn Prio alles ist, hat nichts Prio. Wenn dein Chef dir keine Prios setzen kann brauchst du ihn nicht als setze deine eigenen. Bereite eine Begründung vor, falls die Kunden meckern. Wenn eh alle immer meckern ist eh egal, da würde ich die als erstes angehen die am besten organisiert sind und man evtl. schnell einen Meilenstein erreichen kann. Für dich und alle anderen ein Erfolgserlebnis (hoffe ich zumindest). Gibt's ne Chance dass du evtl. aufrückst und Prios vergeben darfst? Deine Kollegen werden ja die gleichen Probleme haben?

  10. Dann kann ich mich ja beruhigt einstellen, noch 40 Jahre und dann erledigen die das.

  11. Weiterbilden um bessere Jobs zu bekommen ist keine Option?

  12. Simply because the Eurofighter and Rafale exist. And for the rest: the US made either better offers or were able to put more pressure on them, so they bought F-16. So the Gripen remains a beautiful but rare aircraft.

  13. Really nice cockpit. Is this an Eduard kit? Which scale?

  14. 3rd Gen from AK. It’s their new acrylics. I just found out Vallejo Model Air is impossible to get here in Norway.

  15. Maybe try an aircleaner to clean the air in the room after painting sessions without the need to open the window?

  16. Well, Covid was aerosols after all. I mean I might give it a try actually. Sounds kinda expensive, but I’ll look into it. Thanks!

  17. There are models starting at ~30€ with HEPA filters, don't know about the quality though.

  18. Yes you're absolutely right. Maybe I'll start with something relatively easier than a 1:35 figurine, like a plane.. or a Willy's Jeep perhaps

  19. Start with what gives you an idea how to do it. Figures, planes and vehicles all have different techniques and style and even paints used. So if you want to learn to paint figures, paint figures :-) painting planes does not help very much. What helped me the most is watching YouTube videos to get an idea of the techniques used and then trying them for myself.

  20. Get an Amazon Prime membership (you can get a free trial) and you will get a -15% discount as there is a rental for it this month. You can also try it for free basically and see if you like it

  21. If that is an option, try it out as a rental.

  22. Put weight in the nose of the Me 262, it's a tailsitter. I didn't built the other two yet, so they might be as well.

  23. On which color (water based or other?) did you spray the 2k clear?

  24. This color is Bayside Blue by splash paints it’s lacquer. They come in a 1oz bottles ready to spray. I also used splash lacquer 2k gloss clear.

  25. A good place to start would be with your favorite car/plane/ship/etc.. pick based on that. What's a great kit to one isn't for another. You learn to know what companies you like.

  26. Also, companies cooperate on model kits, that means the plastic parts are sold under different logos. So the quality of the kit is not only dependent on the brand on the box. I typically check on scalemates if there are any kit reviews before I buy, but nothing beats personal experience on what you like.

  27. Looks good! Is this the Italeri kit?

  28. Hi! Großartiges Modell! Sieht Wahnsinn aus! Du hast ein Modell aus dem Haus Revell verwendet. Bist du mit dieser Marke zufrieden? Wie war deine Erfahrung im Vergleich zu anderen Marken?

  29. Gefällt mir, wie hast du die Wasseroberfläche gemacht?

  30. Is this the first coat of paint on the model? If so, prime the mini first. If you dont have an airbrush, use a rattle can primer from Citadel, Army Painter, etc. I don't know if Vallejo has rattel can primers, I only use their airbrush primers (with an airbrush).

  31. Thanks, I used the decals that came wird the kit.

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