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  1. Did you just use a movie to try to be an influencer?

  2. And when you inevitably break that promise, what will that make you?

  3. Laughs in a 20 stack of hypercores. Seriously thought outta all the modules, upgrades, parts,bells, whistles, scan blockers and other junk we can put on our ship I want an autoloader for fuel. Crackheads are talking about going 40k on a planet with a death ray. I just want my ship to gas itself once it hits like 20% and tell me it's out so I know to make more.

  4. What type of fuel? There is an upgrade in the Anomaly for the Launch Thruster that will recharge it.

  5. Wait are we still allowed to call Geks “Beakers” 😂

  6. Nowadays, Geks have been known to affectionately refer to each other as "Beaka/Beakas", without the hard R.

  7. Dammit. There goes my hopes of being able to stab planets- I mean, uh…

  8. Yo what the hell???? That was a messed up thing to do...

  9. Do us all a favor, put some regular, normal shoes on, and go outside to touch some grass

  10. Yeah my guy, NMS has one many awards over the years due to how they turned a horrible launch into an amazing experience. I absolutely love this game and they continue to bless us with huge content updates.

  11. He got arrested. If you turn up the volume at the end of the movie, you'll hear some faint gunfire and then Pink says "I've been hit, okay, you shot me!"

  12. Actually is they. Surprisingly a lot of the characters from NMS are referred by gender neutral pronouns

  13. Land and check to see if Kilimanjaro rises above the Serengeti

  14. Land and see if Kilimanjaro is found in the Serengeti

  15. Fashion is clearly subjective, seeing what people pass it off as nowadays, so you tell me.

  16. They’d probably make the calendar bubble gum pink or something if they were hocking it to women. I wouldn’t be caught dead with it.

  17. That's exactly what I thought. One filled with wonderful "Women's Accessories", like a watch that doesn't tell time but has a cooking timer, a wonderful little book of Montblanc's specially-selected Christmas recipes, a cheap ballpoint pen (but it's PINK!!! and scented), and the most important package: things she can give to her man.

  18. I was laughing with you until I got to the scented pen. Then I was like “ok, sold I want that in my life”. This delicate feminine flower just likes things that smell pretty OKAY!! 🤣

  19. I remember when Endgame leaked and all the comments were shitting on it and saying it was gonna be horrible.

  20. "Is paying for a woman to use as an object for my own sexual gratification counted as a relapse?"

  21. Mate, next time you wanna post a picture of literally me, just ask first?

  22. Nepotism, i guess. Completely agree with you though. If anything, these mega rich people should be making "small donations" to have things they want, the way they do it to breeze through life on everything else.

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