1. I'm about to get rid of my cable because it's stupid expensive, but have to figure out what sort of streaming stick to buy. I know nothing about these and research is hard.

  2. I grabbed a fire stick and have a sling sub. The same channels I used to pay $160 to watch now cost me $35. The amount of bloat in cable/satellite plans is stupid.

  3. I sort of hate amazon, which makes me wary of the fire sticks. I own smart nothing and have no idea what I'm getting myself into, so the simpler the better. I'd go antennae, but I'd only get 5-6 channels here, too far from a major city.

  4. Have an Ultra and an Express 4K+. The voice remote that came with the Express 4K+ is also WiFi enabled like the voice remote pro that came with the Ultra. Worth the extra $5-10 (over the regular Express) even when you are not connecting it to a 4K TV.

  5. Random question, if you don't mind. I'm looking into getting one of these (unsure which version yet) and these voice remotes worry me. Will they work like a normal remote, or do you have to talk to it? Is there any way to make it not listen to stuff?

  6. They are not quite like the classic TV remotes since they don't have number buttons or channel up/down buttons for changing channels. The voice enabled Roku remotes work just like Roku remotes that are not voice enabled. Depending on the version, it either has a button that you press before giving it a voice command or it has a button and always listening mode (that you can turn off whenever, say, at the end of the day). You don’t have to talk to it but it is much easier once you get comfortable with it.

  7. Worldwide, there's been a pretty steady about every 4 months wave, conditions vary a bit more locally but the waves are still there. We're currently falling from the BA.5 wave, will probably be on the next one in Nov or Dec.

  8. I think that's a good idea to try drawing your own. I have a feeling that none of the three composite sketches currently available are particularly accurate to how he looked in life. I have thought about trying to make my own too. Any of time I have tried to make a motion portrait of one eyed Jack or the Isdal woman using their available images, for some reason, no matter what I do, the videos end up with glitches in them or they app crashes constantly. It's so weird.

  9. I finished my edits, posted them, the mods removed it. Oh well? But you seemed interested, so I'll link you the album

  10. I don't find it odd that no one reported this man missing or went looking for him. By general description from his killer, he strikes me as a bit of a drifter or the "free spirit" type we often hear about in unidentified cases like this, where people just never check in with their families and the families assume they just don't want to contact them anymore.

  11. Back in the day, how widespread was the report even? Local paper in Alaska probably. News was very localized, a serial killer would have gotten coverage but not finding a random body.

  12. The description says white, but her stuff seems more Hispanic to me, Therefore this one is the best match I found, if they lost track of her for a few years ahead of time

  13. His photo's at a terrible angle, makes it hard to compare. There were several bodies discovered near Ft Meyers in 2007, 2 of them look maybe similar:

  14. As a rule I don't mess with other people's art, but in this case I felt it was worth making an exception. I did leave their signature on it.

  15. Interesting! Good work, he definitely looks more like an actual person now!

  16. Thanks! I realized pretty fast I couldn't do a real redraw because I don't know this stuff, so I just edited while trying to keep him somewhat generic. I'm pretty sure (he was found with a headband) that he restrained his hair when wearing the patch but I stuck with the hair they chose.

  17. It's cute and I would live in it... for 1/10 of that price.

  18. Whether or not I'm sane is questionable, but haven't murdered anyone and not into strangling.

  19. Not even the slightest inclination to kill me so far...good...you seem like a good egg

  20. Eh, not violent in general. I'll fight if I have to but I'd really rather not.

  21. Not much, but news channel has a couple vids, may post more

  22. I've used this one for years, it's great

  23. It's actually quite nice. That old oven in pic 15 is amazing

  24. Is it a frigidaire flair? Its hard to tell from the pic but its the same general idea. Even if it doesn't work I'm jealous of it!

  25. I couldn't tell either, but you inspired me to look it up. Yes, a Model 7521304 from the 60's, that middle part is a pull out stove, so cool. Found one in rough shape on ebay

  26. I like the Andrew Scott brand, they tend to be very affordable. Dunno where you shop, but they have an Amazon store

  27. Maybe means no, I'm just attempting to be polite

  28. Trent's Auto on College at Prutzman is about the only mechanic I trust, very honest, doesn't pull the usual auto shop bullshit. Don't know if he works on those, but you could ask.

  29. No idea, but I looked at the "about" page and the "Our Team" portion is definitely sketchy, check out their names

  30. Police can't find any people to stay away, noted. They find everybody but him.

  31. Texas, I was surprised because I've never seen them down here before

  32. Cover all your mirrors. Buy some bloodstones and and demand they chant happy birthday to you within them.

  33. Have you heard the good news about the power and love of our savior, essential oils?

  34. My essential oil is vegetable, keeps my food from burning onto the pan.

  35. Yeah, but my friend Karen on Facebook did her own research and found out the Bill Gates paid those scientists to keep quiet about the 5G microchip that's going to turn everyone into slaves. She's selling essential oils that she says cured her dad and regrew his hair.

  36. My brain scrambled that last sentence into "regrew her dad and cured her hair, which... just as likely I guess

  37. Queenstyche: Empire, Operation Mindcrime, Rage for Order

  38. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgIRClKD4RI

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