1. Sims Medival is such an underrated game lol. It had some restrictions but it was so fun to play around with

  2. Thanks for your trouble, I'm glad we got an update.

  3. Don't know if this is my inner toddler talking but it legit looks delicious for some reason and I don't know why.

  4. Considering you yank their tails and teach them to fear your hand I'm not surprised they'd growl at you.

  5. Petrock. His name was pronounced Pet-Rock, and he was a weirdo ginger who asked our teacher if she had cancer cause he was obsessively convinced her hair wasn't real because it was curly. My hair is also curly so he was always giving me the sink eye too.

  6. They're saving Zap for volume 2 so we can get a full cover of that manly body of his

  7. I'm glad they made no money. If it did I'd only encouraged this idiocy.

  8. Your face when you're desperate to use the public restroom but there's a line, a really long line and you feel a rosebud.

  9. Feel like this should be a south park episode but south park would have evened the playing field by having her steal a bike right after.

  10. I wish it was just a show about quirky teens solving crimes.

  11. How many people do you think would try to eat out themselves lol especially old people

  12. Toasties are quick and easy and not too costly. You could offer a variety such as ham and cheese, ham, cheese and pineapple, bolognaise and cheese. Anything with cheese really!

  13. You had me at the first part but pineapple! How dare you!

  14. Because Null is pretty mentally defective himself.

  15. He thinks Chris is the perfect example of a trans women so I can only assume he wanted to smash.

  16. you laugh meanwhile the person succumbed to their injuries RIP

  17. Sorry, but I love this joke. I'm glad it brought this little guy joy too.

  18. I was hanging on every word * wipes away tear *

  19. Chris doesn't need filters, confidents alone is what won Barbs love.

  20. My heart...🥹 Where do you plan on putting it?

  21. Just watched the trailer. The comedy is painful, Velma is unnecessarily mean for no reason. Like everything she says is just her punching down. It's obvious they're going for a family guy style comedy without the cutaway scenes, I wish people would stop trying to be family guy it never works, they do it cause they think it's easy and the cruder the better.

  22. I think I read somewhere that whoever owns the Scooby Doo ip wouldn’t let them use the actual Scooby Doo. Not sure why they let them do this at all. Baffaling all round

  23. Wonder if they'll replace him with something else? Although I don't see them being creative enough to do that

  24. I think it's realistic for older people to be a bit iffy with her and maybe some - very few - kids at school would know about it and suspect you when murders started happening.

  25. Same reason. But Robb’s motivations were different. Book Robb marries the girl who nurses him back to health after injury because he took her virginity and doesn’t want to dishonor her. Show Robb falls in love.

  26. It was also a honeypot. I know it kinda counts as a theory but I feel like since her family was rewarded that all but confirmed they did it on purpose to break Robs alliance with the Freys.

  27. In the book she’s a Lannister or connected to the family isn’t she?

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