1. Yeah it's almost like our shitty suburbs have us walk 10 feet to the car and 20 feet at the other end out the car and into the store.

  2. I think with the player highlighting it likely wouldn't be an issue, given I already set my video settings to try and make as much of the maps as dark as I can to make the players pop out more

  3. This doesn't increase CPU usage or bypass windows standard input driver or raw input in games. It's a modification of windows mouse driver.. try it and get back to me please, that will be the easiest way for you to understand that there are no negatives to using Raw Accel. Once the driver is installed and you have rebooted your computer and opened raw accel with your preferred "Sensitivity Multiplier" setting you can then close the program.

  4. Rawaccel touches mouse inputs before games with raw input can access them, which means by the time your game can grab mouse inputs any latency or accuracy benefit is already gone. Windows mouse speed is done after games grab mouse input from raw input, which means you can lower your in game sensitivity and run a higher dpi, and have your normal cursor speed while having the accuracy and latency benefits of higher dpi. I think you're fundamentally misunderstanding what rawaccel does, and where it sits in the chain of things that deal with mouse input, as well as why high dpi is better.

  5. Your explanation makes sense in that Raw Accel touches the sensor data before Raw Input can pick it up in games...I wish I had the hardware to test that latency difference if that is the case though.

  6. Raw accel doesn't add latency, or at least not any meaningful amount. Your method is simply slower because it removes any latency benefit of higher dpi. The reason there's a "latency benefit" is because the first tick of movement happens sooner, since you need to travel less distance before your mouse movement starts. However, rawaccel changes your sensitivity by throwing out mouse inputs, which means the "first tick" ends up happening at the same time as it would on whatever dpi you've tried to math yourself to. 1600 dpi where you throw out every other movement in a given direction is going to feel exactly the same as 800, because it is exactly the same.

  7. companies finally using intelligent pcb design to combat shell flex

  8. Cops are fucking stupid. They think everything is a crime. Having a mental breakdown? A beating and cuffs. Having a stroke? Cuffs and jail. Don't respect their perceived authority? Beating and jail.

  9. If you clean your monitor with alcohol don't do it while the panel is warm or it'll dry unevenly and be very noticeable

  10. Ignoring layout, Xbox if you want it to just work, DualShock/Sense if you don't mind some tinkering with drivers or need gyro

  11. Why they didn't just make some fantasy themed crossbow and bow blasters I'll never know.

  12. If a company is paying you to get X amount of work done in Y time and you get the work done in half I don't think it's unfair in the slightest to simply take the money and the extra time

  13. more active than 2042, according to steam charts (though that ignores owning it on origin/ea/whatever it's called)

  14. Warzone 2 DMZ is bottlenecked by my 3080 Ti by a lot at 5120x1440 with a 13600k.

  15. yeah no shit ur playing on double wide 1440p with one of the fastest gaming cpus on the market

  16. Just saying that not everyone would ever see gains by upgrading their CPU.

  17. Yeah but the thing is your situation is one I genuinely think you would need a 4090 to be cpu bound in and even then I think you'd have times when you're gpu bottlenecked at that resolution. Regardless, I think with a weaker cpu even with the same average fps I suspect the 1% lows would be much worse than you're getting right now.

  18. Install drivers turn off vsync make sure your screen is plugged into your card and not your motherboard

  19. I mean, i would like a system with rx 6600. But for I'm planning on getting into streaming so i feel forced in way to aim for rtx 2070. Tho i don't have any rn.

  20. RDNA 2's encoding falls short to Turing but it's still better than Nvidia Pascal at H264, and if that's not good enough just use an Intel cpu and quick sync

  21. If you're in America Peerless Assassin 120 SE is like 36 bucks on Amazon

  22. I get your point, and I wouldn’t buy a new car vs. a used car that’s 2-3 years old.

  23. I LOVE cars and it pains me that in America the need for one has reduced cars to a mere appliance. I'd love to throw money at some really stupid beat up used sports car but you always need a car that works and then you need a place to throw the other one, a whole other car's worth of maintenance to deal with, as opposed to being up in San Fran where every time I've visited it's been as easy as buying a transit card and setting it to auto renew.

  24. Im sure some of it has to do with current safety regulations, but i have dreamed about a car start up that makes BASIC cars for cheap. Like a 1.6 liter, manual trans, manual windows, basic radio and speakers, no fancy gimmicks, no separate control modules for left and right lights(looking at you jeep wagoneer) no "telematics module" and with a small enough engine, you don't even need traction control. Just a basic car for less than $15k.

  25. The sales numbers would be so low that to get any good margin this shit box would probably end up costing 25k minimum

  26. Find yourself the cheapest one, update your bios, return it, then buy a 5600

  27. I have a Taiwanese mother with some weird obsession with Japanese stuff for some reason???????

  28. Go to target and get yourself a pack of those red and green dart zone ones :D

  29. Very very nice, remember to throw us a bone every once in a while!

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