1. What is the bonjela for, I mean I know what it is made for, but is it a known side effect for fibro?

  2. Haha sorry i know it sounds a bit random. I have a really crappy immune system, which i cant tell you is caused by my fibro but im pretty sure its linked somewhere. It means that i always have things like coldsores and mouth ulcers popping up, especially if im going through a long flare. The bonjela has massively helped with the ulcers so i like to have some to hand. I also have a mini pot of sudocrem (forgot to mention) which seems to help with the coldsores, as well as any other things that crop up.

  3. Thanks I had never heard of the connection.

  4. No probs! Thing is with fibro theres so little research that we cant definitively say there is one, but knowing my body and having spent several years figuring out whats going on with it, im pretty sure theres a connection for me personally

  5. I think alcohol has a wider range of intoxication where you can be buzzed but still be mentally "there" and be a part of the celebration. So there's an element of rudeness that you are invited to be a part of a celebration of a couple's love but then spend the night gurning in a corner.

  6. Depends on the drug i guess. Im not a 'drug' user so i probably would be gurning in a corner if i took coke or something, lmao, but i do smoke weed. I can have several (between say 4 and 8) spliffs throughout the day and still be myself and know whats going on and not appear like I'm on anything. I would say anything between that is a reasonable amount for me personally. All i need is one alcoholic drink to get my tipsy, and by 2 or 3 i have to go lie down. Thats even if i spread it out. Im a massive lightweight.

  7. Ive had 2 ubereats orders in a row with missing items. One was a whole lunch missing.

  8. I dont have adhd but i do have fibro and sometimes i wonder if i have adhd as well

  9. As someone who is 23 and has no life due to chronic pain, fatigue, and trauma, i could literally cry for your daughter. Like there are tears welling up in my eyes right now. Ive been suicidal for so long purely because of how my body feels, and the added pressure of people not believing me because i look "normal" has actually put me in hospital before, because i didn't believe i was worth anything to anyone and was actively suicidal over it. Dont put your daughter in that position.

  10. Primarks look quite thin tbh, I have a much thicker one from Amazon that i wore last winter and never felt the cold except for my always cold feet, I’d like to get my family some but was concerned if primarks wouldn’t do the job

  11. Thats a fair point to be honest. I think if you are looking for a quick fix and want something cheap, primark is the way to go, but like with anything you would be substituting that extra cost for a lower quality and poorer ethics. It is something that is constantly on my mind in regards to primark and other similar places.

  12. I wanted to let you know, I have bought the thermal ones from b&m (red/flame) packaging and wow.. definitely agree that sometimes they need to be taken off. As the days get colder I’m sure they will become daily staples. I’ve been looking into Uniqlo’s thermal range on the recommendation from a Canadian. I hate feeling cold!

  13. As a book lover it boggles my mind. However we as humans are all uniquely different, and we should be proud of that. Everyone has different hobbies, skills, talents, interests; and intelligence comes in many different forms. All that to say, it saddens me to think that someone has missed out on the joy of reading, but it doesn't make them a lesser person and my joy may just come in different forms to others'

  14. Fibromyalgia sufferer here: I'm so pleased our illnesses are finally being taken into consideration, but for fuck's sake it shouldn't have taken a global pandemic just to get people to notice we exist.

  15. So totally agree, we'll still be swept under the rug. Maybe we will get answers by proxy considering so many symptoms are similar.

  16. Totally agree, not necessary for family pets! I have a South African boerboel and her tail is docked, as she came from SA. Thankfully she has her ears but I do wish she had her full tail.

  17. We had a cocker spaniel with a docked tail (procedure was done at 2 days old before we had bought her, unfortunately) and she went on to have a litter of her own with beautiful long feathery tails which we obviously decided not to chop. Dont get me wrong, if she had been a working cocker then it would be fully necessary to prevent tail damage whilst working, but she was a family pet. We kept 2 of her puppies and never once had issues with their long tails. I just dont see how it is necessary for a family pet, and i just wish she had the chance to keep her tail because im sure it would have been just as beautiful as the rest of her. Its sad

  18. Yes. My friend has two BB’s and their tails aren’t docked and they’re awesome. So strong. I get that ours is cause they’re a guard breed and in SA they don’t want tails that get can bitten but tails are so expressive of a dogs emotion. It is funny when she wags her little stub.

  19. Yep our older cocker had a fast little wiggle that made her whole butt shake, whereas the two younger ones kind of do a swish

  20. I don’t know what country you’re in, but I wonder if some of this has to do with whether insurance companies will acknowledge the diagnosis and cover treatment? Maybe therapists are just trying to ignore the things that aren’t technically critical to keep your insurance from either not covering treatment or deciding later when you are in bad physical shape that it was “preexisting”?

  21. They really are. Im lucky to be in the uk where we get nhs treatment, but unfortunately the nhs is so overcrowded and underfunded that its not much better really. But hey ho, at least its free!

  22. Years ago, I did some sewing, and was pretty good at it. Over the past few years, I have hand mended a few things for people I know.

  23. SAME, ive been sewing all my life and using machines for years pretty well, but ive never actually been taught how to use and maintain one. I have a pretty modern brother one which is my go to and an old vintage singer that was inherited. I want to get them serviced or whatever its called but i cant afford it. Im working up the motivation and bravery at the moment to teach myself via the internet but it makes me nervous. Having down to earth one on one lessons would be perfect for this

  24. Yep, that is why you should take off your ring if you are doing manual labor. I have heard horror stories about roofers tripping and sliding down a roof, and getting their ring caught on a nail or something and it peeling the skin off.

  25. My mum is a nurse and shes told me so many horror stories over the years of people wearing rings to work and ending up accidentaly degloving their finger. Its grim.

  26. Neither of my upper cartilage piercings hurt any more than my lobes did, they were just crunchy, but not everyone is so lucky. Definitely listen to lalafia1’s advice though and don’t use guns!! They hurt a lot more than needles anyway.

  27. Was gonna say my lobes hurt more purely because they used a gun. I think the shock of the noise when it clicks is surprisingly one of the worst bits

  28. I absolutely hate leaving him there. But it's not just a sticky situation, if I don't work we can't pay rent...

  29. I completely understand and don't want to add to your problems since everyone seems to be taking the agressive stance, but ive got to ask: what's the rent for?

  30. So we have half mortgage half rent, it's shared ownership. I more use the term rent as in bills. Obviously there's other bills I'd stop paying before my house payments.

  31. I didnt realise macrame was a sport. I thought it was an art (tying fancy knots in things to make stuff)

  32. And either make a flask of tea, if you drink quite a bit, to save boiling the kettle repeatedly. Or use a thermos cup if you're prone to letting tea get cold, then you can still sip it slowly and get the heat benefit.

  33. I got some cheap ones on asos tbf, but i dont know what they have in at the minute

  34. Yeah, asos is usually a safe bet for stuff like this, but their selection is pretty dire atm. Or at least, they want too much money for t shirts that are 100% polyester 🙄

  35. That’s ok haha, fibro fog will do that to ya !

  36. I also do the conditioner and then the brush in the shower. Life saver. I can’t raise my left arm at all and running out of energy with right arm from shower I brush it out and it saves me being exhausted when I get out. Also I use a back brush. My mom uses one of those long scrubbing clothes not sure what they’re called but uses way less energy but I’m not there yet.

  37. Ooh yes those long cloth things, ive been meaning to get one of those to try! You kind of hold it at either end and shimmy it up and down your back or whatever, right?

  38. I'm from the uk too! I bought mine from Amazon as its the cheapest i could find, and its one of those pastel faux leather ones that looks like a little a6 book with a magnetic clip thingy to hold it closed, you know the standard budget binder type. It came with 6 zipper envelopes and a few card slot envelopes, plus some card pages with outlines for pay in records or whatever you want to call it, and some sticker labels. You can buy extra envelopes from amazon too to make it up to 10 sleeves instead of 6. All in all id back up the other comments here and say that whilst etsy is cute and has some lovely options, amazon is probs your best bet price-wise. Best of luck with your future budgeting goals!

  39. Not really a serious one, and actually a really nice gesture disguised as mischievous fun. My friend came into some money recently and, having withdrawn some for various odds and ends, decided to chuck £30 out of the car window. £10 to a guy walking down the road, and then a £20 to a couple of guys further down. It was fantastic seeing them trying to comprehend his mad laughter and shouts, and then having the dawning realisation spread across their faces as they saw the note flutter into the road. Could have been dangerous had they ran out into the road without looking, so perhaps avoid this one, but still it was a nice 'prank' to witness, and they got a tenner each out of it in the end.

  40. An ex-friend of mine inherited £75k and spent it all in 3 months. Purchases included a gastric bypass, a new car (which she eventually wrote off), home accessories and decor. She was broke again after those 3 months and is now an alcoholic.

  41. My SIL basically did the same thing, gastric sleeve, latest jaguar, and expensive homeware/fashion items like gucci sunglasses and seasonal throw cushions. Got through roughly £120k. BIL was a bit wiser, putting some towards house and wedding costs, but hes been through various expensive cars that have depreciated so much that he has lost out on a lot of money

  42. "Luxury" implies something that provides comfort and requires extravagant wealth to obtain. In my eyes it's different than "wants vs needs." I think you're trying to say that pets aren't a necessity, and I'd agree with that, but I wouldn't call pet ownership a luxury.

  43. I guess if you are going by wants vs needs and standard wants vs luxury wants, then it depends on the circumstance. I would say any pet is a want (except service animals, which would be needs), purely because the only need for a pet really is companionship and those kind of things, which can be found elsewhere/ outsourced. But id say a fish or hamster is less of a luxury than say a dog or cat due to price, contact time, feeding, vet bills, communication and companionship levels, etc. And again, some specific breeds of fish, dogs and cats, etc can be more so than others based on pricepoint and the animal's needs (eg: cornsnake vs green tree python).

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