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Local restaurant owner tells employees that they do not work for him to pay their bills, they work for him to pay his.

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  1. Thanks! So how do you go about using or employing metadata? I mean.. is this something 'any' SF Dev should know about?

  2. Yes any dev or admin should know how to do it. There are a few ways. The best way is through the SFDX CLI or through VS Code (which is really just a UI for the CLI)

  3. I understand their frustration. But a crash of the housing market brought the economy to its knees in 2008. It won’t help them buy a house.

  4. Right, I was just calling out their mindset isn't "Fuck you, I got mine." it's "Fuck you for taking so much when others have none."

  5. Yeah agree with everything you said - it just reads a little different than OPs "no one ever regreted living in the moment". Like plenty of people have regretted that when they wake up at 60 and decide its time to start saving so they can retire in a couple years.

  6. Right, I know people who "regretted living in the moment" at age 26 when they're currently 30. (They spent their private student loans going on vacation in the Caribbean.)

  7. Only a idiot would sacrifice their youth working rather than using their youth for experiences. You can work and save but never let it be a top priority in your life. Many people on their deathbed regret working their life away but I've never heard someone say man I wish I wouldn't have went on the vacation in my 20's. Just stating facts.

  8. I see a LOT of people saying they wish they saved more when they were young. Tons and tons of people.

  9. Just lie. Put an old address down. It's not like they are going to go check if you live there. If your getting an entry level job I promise no one is going to check what school you graduated from. What town you came from, most of the time employers won't bother to call your previous employers or references. And if they do, lie and put down fake numbers and addresses. Give at least one real number (a friend) and let them know what they need to say. And when you get whatever shitty job it is that's feeding you. just fake it till you make it. Doesn't take a degree to figure out how to work a grill line or reset tables. Lying is wrong, but so is being punished for being homeless.

  10. And if you don't have a friend, post on craiglist (or even reddit), lots of kind people will do it for you.

  11. Wow are gyms really that cheap in the US? I want to join a gym but can’t afford it because even the cheapest ones here are upwards of $100 a month and I don’t have that much extra if I want to save anything

  12. Cheap but a huge pain to cancel. To cancel my current gym membership, I need to write a hand-written letter (it specifies hand-written in the contract), mail it to their headquarters via certified mail. There's a good chance you need to do this multiple times, because they get "lost."

  13. When I used to live downtown I’d walk back from the short north to around the commons. A lot of times this was between 12-3am. Nothing ever happened but wow it was desolate.

  14. Right I was gonna say, you don't need to wait until midnight, just wait until 8pm, lol.

  15. I used to ride in the morning to work, around 6am, usually pitch black. It was a very unique experience. Even better when it was like 5 degrees out, but I'm so bundled up with a full face covering/ski goggles that I couldn't feel like cold. Nothing quite like it.

  16. Honestly right now, depending on what you want...a lot of houses are either getting price cuts or selling for listing/below listing price. The market has shifted quite a bit in the last few months.

  17. Right, but all those savings are cancelled out by the 6.5% mortgage rates

  18. I've never not seen it like this. It is like this at my current place.

  19. If you make 125k annual why the fuck is paying to park a make it or break it for your wife?

  20. OP doesn't want his wife to work. Seen it before. In fact saw it in my own family. Dad didn't want mom to work. Wanted her to be home alone all day. It was rough.

  21. Don’t apologize, OP is in here claiming he’s making 125k at his job but they can’t afford for his wife to park downtown.

  22. Yeah something doesn't add up here. And OP's comments here really make me feel bad for the family because it really sounds like he has a serious screw loose.

  23. This person is just one poor life choice after the other. First, both kf them chose to not be born to millionaire parents. Then they chose not to become millionaires themselves. Ans then cancer? Some people never learn smh

  24. To conservatives, going to school is the biggest mistake a person can make

  25. I mean it's still homophobic to say homophobic things even if it's just "for a rhyme"

  26. Yeah the main issue is many people won't get the nuance. They'll hear "Eminem bashed gays, that means it's okay that I hate gays too!"

  27. Nuance meaning he is saying it for the sake of the music sounding good, rather than saying it because he has an internal hatred of gay people.

  28. Yep, enforces privacy laws, enforced antitrust laws, and removing citizens united are the biggest things the USA needs.

  29. When I saw this posted yesterday all the top comments were talking about how terrible it is for consumers, not sure what thread you saw

  30. Yeah, I pulled the "Since I only see user error I'll cancel the ticket until you cooperate" card once in the past when a user outright refused to test something for me.

  31. I have a personal suspicion that people like this are simply looking for an excuse to stop working. Like "Sorry boss, can't do anything today, don't worry I already opened a ticket with IT, I'll let you know when it's resolved, but it might be a while ;) "

  32. I mean this is almost entirely false. A small portion is dependent on the tester. If you take a real IQ test with two different psychologists and one gives you a 90 and the other a 144, one of them shouldn't be a psychologist. General variance across locations, ages, circumstances is +/- 10 points. The majority of the test is response time and accuracy. A small portion is up to the psychologist.

  33. Nope, not false. Any psychologist giving an IQ test shouldn't be a psychologist. There are no standards. You can search day and night, you won't find defined standards anywhere.

  34. IQ tests are contained in the DSM. Understanding IQ tests is a requirement for being a psychologist. The standards are contained in the tests which are curved to the mean. There have been hundreds of studies on the stability of IQ over time. The metric is +/- 10 for no matter location age.

  35. Yes there is a big difference between understanding IQ tests and giving IQ tests.

  36. How about we let airbnb to host homeless and see what they say about it

  37. AirBNB would love it. It's the home owners that wouldn't like it.

  38. If that passes hotel owner might as well rent un rented rooms to a friend for $1 a night to claim they are occupied.

  39. Why? They would lose a ton of money. The city pays full nightly rate + an additional surcharge on behalf of the homeless person.

  40. Parents give more money to their kids, than years ago, so teens don't have to work. Back in the day if I wanted anything, I had to buy it myself.

  41. How much would you pay a teen to do that? Because McDonalds is paying $15 an hour.

  42. The numbers are large but as a percentage of labor force they're statistically insignificant making up less than 1% of the labor force.

  43. 1% of the labor force is definitely not insignificant by any measure whatsoever

  44. Ah so you were just guessing, I thought maybe they did a write up somewhere

  45. I finished a bottle of hot sauce the other day. Before tossing it, I legit looked at it and thought "this is the first empty bottle of hot sauce I've ever seen in my life." (excluding frank's red hot.)

  46. I mean it’s true but it’s being brought up in a dickish way. It’s tough but not his place to say that. Does the owner not have managers that work and fill these spots?

  47. It's impossible to bring it up in a non-dickish way. "Your life doesn't matter, you exist to pay my bills", how exactly do you phrase that in a way that isn't dickish?

  48. "I try to be as accommodating with your schedules and personal needs to foster a good working environment and create a cohesive and team oriented atmosphere. Can I please ask in the future when an employee needs unexpected time off that if you're able to step in and cover for a teammate to please make the effort to do so. It's not lost on me how hard the team works and everybody deserves and looks forward to their days off, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances come up and we try to have each other's backs in times like these." Then you just hope for the best.

  49. This can work the first, maybe the second time. But managers like the one pictures are going end up posting this every week, I guarantee it, because they refuse to hire anything more than a skeleton crew.

  50. Don't forget the masks they wear to hide their faces. Gawdamn cowards. Like dress up toy soldiers.

  51. Weird how conservatives are always too embarrassed to show their faces when showing their support for things. It's almost like they know they're the bad guys.

  52. Usually you can then just take public transport to where you need to go. Oh wait.

  53. Riding a bus for an hour at best that only runs once an hour to get to the airport barely qualifies as public transportation.

  54. Why not? How frequent do you think we should have busses running to the airport? Every 10 min?

  55. Taxes are paid on income earned… So the $1000 donation ends up as $800 after tax income, donated back to you from the income earned means you got a tax write off of $1000 at a cost of $200 lost, and the person who earned the salary is out the $200 in taxes on income they never get to see.

  56. Nope. Tax rates vary between people. If you're in a very high tax bracket (let's say 30%) and you do this donation method, with the receiver being in a 15% tax bracket, you have effectively have paid 15% less in taxes. You have more money in your pocket at the end of the day that you wouldn't have had otherwise.

  57. Ya don't close the accounts. Account age (oldest account in good standing) plays a major role in your score. My credit score took a 25 point dip when I paid off a student loan. It went back up within a few months, but the closed account still brought down my number. Which is weird and dumb. What else proves a person more worthy of credit??

  58. Worth noting that closing a credit card will only fall off your credit score after 10 years for a positive impact, or 7 years for a negative impact.

  59. Yes, paying off the current balance is the main issue. I’m just worried about falling back into old habits.

  60. Stop using them, simple as that. The $400 a year in rewards is not worth it.

  61. Who is "they" and do "they" really police every country's nuclear plants?

  62. The objective of the game is to press the button faster than the other person, lol. Then you try and justify it by coming up with the BS shallow excuse but really it's just about being the first to press it

  63. Good ol' squash and merge. Stop trying to make rebase happen, it's not gonna happen.

  64. Common path is: start up /SMB companies it starts in Sales because they paid for it. Then you start to add other departments and integrations and it falls under IT.

  65. Having the dev team separate from the admin team has always been a nightmare every place I've worked that tried it. Admins and devs should work together very closely.

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