[Highlight] Westbrook game-winning block on LeVert

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  1. do you ever sit or lie down comfortably that your depression/anxiety says to you "wtf are you so relaxed for?" 😂

  2. The show isnt nearly as bad as people say it is. I'd say 90% of the time, there's at least one that's good. They rarely miss on pretapes.

  3. If you watched that 2001 Lakers team that ran the table up to the Finals you would know how hard it would be to get even one game out of them. AI was the only dude in the East that could have done it.

  4. I think the Bucks could've stolen one too.

  5. I’m confused what Ahmad Bradshaw has to do with this play lol

  6. lol is it just me? i thought he reached the endzone fast considering he had to block first

  7. Did they not come up with a twist on the Dream shake as well and call it the nightmare shake or am I just misremembering things

  8. I think I saw a SportsCenter or newspaper headline that had that.. a nightmare from the dream.. something like that

  9. Yup, id love to see that type of pettiness/hunger come back

  10. Or maybe he's just ashamed of it. Who knows?

  11. GP held him to like 40% shooting in a four-game stretch in the finals

  12. The 7 and 9 seeds have HCA in the play-in right?

  13. Goodness Russ. Talk about a redeeming stretch.

  14. Yep. Bud teams dont care about defending the three

  15. Lakers got robbed 4 pts. That AD dunk and the offensive goaltending.

  16. DeAngelo is the most "I dont know what we're doing" material of any sitcom

  17. When a franchise loses its direction or has no long term ambition, you bring in Will Ferrell.

  18. I added Bryn Forbes over him two days ago. Fuck me.

  19. I mean the dude does scorch us every time, even when he was a Spur

  20. Yeah.. I thought about adding KJ but I saw him score six even without Tate so I went with Forbes.. then KJ now has back to back 20+

  21. You mean the cope meme they've been passing around up the turnpike where someone still shot a picture of Devonta after being drafted and declared he's distraught over Daniel Jones not being able to get him the ball? I don't know dude, maybe you should go back to trying the "Gettleman never wanted him in the first place" cope technique, this is kinda lame

  22. I dont know if we're both referring to the meme where DeVonta has a straight face and Toney is all smiles. I just thought it was funny 🤷‍♂️

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