1. Cover your VIN under the windshield glass and just always carry a 10mm socket wrench to bring your plates in your bag. They'll put that sticker on your window so just put dish soap on each one before you leave.

  2. Quick way to get out of a ticket. Quicker way for transportation to tow your vehicle.

  3. I don’t think that actually answers their question but it’s good to know. Seems like it actually may be a step forward for allowing appropriate student housing in specific areas rather than continuing to limit it like the ROO’s. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think the difference in mindset here is that the left sees racism as an action that is perpetuated by systems of power while others see racism as a quality attributed to people. It’s important to remember that both exist. You don’t have to be a KKK member to engage in racist behavior.

  5. The right and the left have a fundamental difference in how they view people.

  6. Orange Emily and “White Fragility” are peak white supremacy.

  7. I want Christopher Judge to play Kratos in a God of War TV show.

  8. … who? Leftists are… generally fine with shooting down active rapists.

  9. The comments in this thread are proving otherwise.

  10. Could you explain to me why israel have legitimate claim to jerusalem?

  11. So does everyone get to take back control of their ancestral land, even if people have lived their for hundreds of years?

  12. Yes. But you’ll have to fight for it, like the Israelis have.

  13. Jews and Muslims don't recognize Jesus as a God. Trinity means nothing for them. Why you think that we all worship the same God?

  14. My statement still stands. The Jews, Christians and the Muslims all worship the god of Abraham.

  15. This is false. El-Elohim is not the same as Allah. Not in description, scope, nor temperment. Allah is the god of Ishmael, not Abraham.

  16. Can't wait for the eventual Twitter shit show when all the ash is gone and some of the "fans" see how dark his skin is.

  17. He’s probably going to have the same skin color as Deimos.

  18. Fully Automatic Assault Rifles? That's cool and all, but this Bolt-Action Sniper will still turn your head into fucking swiss cheese through the Nova Scotian Hillside

  19. I have an AR in .458 SOCOM. You won’t have holes in your head, you won’t have a head.

  20. Like building a huge bonfire to collapse? Surely A&M would never allow something so dangerous. Those kids that died should be honored.

  21. Blue-state cops knew the shooter was dangerous and did nothing. Does AOC want to continue defunding police? Yep.

  22. We've already had it out in another thread where we've been able to come to some kind of agreement, but just going to add to this: teachers aren't law enforcement or trained killers, nor did they join the profession to become those things. It's not their job, and they're certainly not paid enough for it.

  23. And why not provide mental healthcare to people that clearly need it? Why not reform our system around purchasing firearms? Why should people have to bring a gun into a classroom every day when that's not why they joined the profession?

  24. Man just saw Faye she's gorgeous! Is her actress Deborah Ann Woll? She sounds like her. And honestly looks like her too.

  25. Making voting a pain in the ass or outright impossible to a lot of peoples schedule is suppression. A lot of college folks are busy and don’t have the time to make it.

  26. Imagine excusing voter suppression with another example of voter suppression.

  27. I'm gonna watch the whole video once I don't have a ton of HW to do, but from the first 3 minutes I already don't like the 1st guy. I'm not a lefty either.

  28. What are you even going on about. It's like you're a bot that only responds with generic PCM comments.

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