1. Guys, I'm starting to think this whole pocky game thing was an excuse to do something else


  3. We definitely have too few BLS cards

  4. That's such a specific interaction. Tbh it looks more like an unintended situation but if it's not then damn. At least it makes sense to not boost multihit or priority I guess. Imagine Bullet Seed Breloom with this stuff

  5. No way is unintended since it gets calced after Technician AND ignores multihit and priority moves

  6. Caring about Pokémon competitive viability is dumb. Regigigas is the strongest in my heart

  7. This video is about comparing starters in randomized runs

  8. To add to that: an optimized martial DOES NOT have better survivability than an optimized caster

  9. Aren't a lot of FEH events just the same old recycled format?

  10. Imagine having two types of events, both are extremely grindy, so grindy it makes early Tempest Trials look good in comparison

  11. Bruh, forget save balls, how you supposed to tank in general with that feud shit?

  12. You don't You galeforce, you vantage, you hit and run, etc

  13. Ah shit I didn't know those were sub 600. I thought 600 was the usual baseline for legends

  14. The 600 legendaries are the event mythicals, and 600+ are usually the cover legendaries

  15. Ofc, easily the most engaging pvp mode in the game. Arena is dull as hell and 80% of the gameplay is rerrolling maps, and S Duels is not necessarily bad, but is such a shift in gameplay you have to put yourself in a completely different mindset to get into it

  16. Lately Nintendo has been revealing games much closer to release, rather than to show "name" is in development! This is why we had such an important announcement drought in 2020 and 2021 and suddenly boom Wario Ware releases in a month, Metroid releases in two, etc.

  17. He could say he rightfully qualified, I don't know if he could legally argue he should have qualified in court though. This section of the rules with the bolded sentence say a tournament's tier is up to the organizers at the end of the day.

  18. The "legally" refers to "according to the rules". Makes more sense in spanish

  19. Yeah that's crazy if only 7 different types all resisted Grass and Grass had 5 weaknesses, then there would be a way to handle such power

  20. 252+ Atk Choice Band Dracovish Fshious Rend vs 252 HP / 252+ Def Water Absorb Seismitoad: 0-0 (0% - 0%) -- possibly the worst move ever

  21. Oh wow and normal types are immune to ghost moves, why are any ghost types in ubers.

  22. So if Grass explosion exists is fine because Corvi exists?

  23. Honestly Annihilape and Gholdengo feel like filler radar mons, like adding them to watch something other than the most obvious, I will be very surprised if either get enough votes

  24. It would be better if they worked a little like Yugioh handtraps (since that game is closer to Pokemon than Magic), with hard opt conditions, maybe a shared opt like supporters.

  25. I mean sandstorm is like sole counterplay so gl if they are ground type goggles or smth

  26. If you run goggles you don't run balloon and can be hit with ground type moves

  27. Usually useless moves are all moves that have very little registered use on showdown

  28. Pure Flying types become Normal types when they lose their flying type to Roost

  29. I can assure you, every dumb person in this post is from the exact same country

  30. The confirmation of master rank ribbon is exactly what i needed to hear

  31. Is much easier to understand the problem when you change it to 100 doors with 99 goats and 1 car, and after you choose 1 door, 98 goat doors get revealed.

  32. Everything that does direct damage, that is. Entry hazards, status effects, and weather can all still kill it. But it's entirely possible for you to have a team that doesn't have any of those things, making it truly invincible, and thus format warping since its existence would require every team to prepare for it specifically or lose any time it shows up.

  33. The sub gets around the status effects, and the sub fom cyclyzar takes hazard damage for you

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