[Postgame Thread] Georgia Defeats TCU 65-7

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  1. Didn’t even watch the second half because I was expecting a blowout…what happened??!

  2. im gonna be so honest rn. it was good BUT i absolutely hate how they didnt stick to the story at all. imo the only part that was accurate was the ‘drugs.i sell hardcore drugs’ but it truly just seemed so different. sarah being awake when joel returned, sarah leaving the house, joel pulling up with tommy, the car crash, the fiasco with robert, how they ran into marlene and meeting Ellie.

  3. …? Like 85% was the same. And the stuff that was different was great. But to each their own I guess

  4. Destiny Littleton FTW!!!! Happy for her <3 congrats on the big W

  5. 7-5 but only if we lose every single one of these games: ND, Oregon, UCLA, Utah, Washington. I think we win minimum 3 of those: UCLA, Utah, Wash

  6. Filoni? Mandos? I’m thinking we’ve got a really good shot at a post OT live action Ahsoka.

  7. Which game this year should the losing team have won? Thanks in advance for answering with no bias!

  8. Playoff expansion haters in this thread are delusional. The game doesn't change anything or say anything about why the playoffs expanding is bad.

  9. Yeah lmao. This game is such an outlier it doesn’t even matter

  10. Anyone saying anything like " should have been here instead" needs to just shut the fuck up. Win the games on your schedule then. It's not TCU's fault that every other top team choked away multiple games.

  11. But technically record is not the way these are determined. A committee picks teams, and yes the record is considered, but people saying they shouldn’t be here is valid asf, especially when those top teams lost to other top teams.

  12. Alright I’m going to say it. MODOK looks stupid without the mask. Even though it’s different than the comics (which doesn’t even matter that much), he looks way better with the mask.

  13. TCU want to start a support group with us for teams that completely implode in championship games?

  14. Further evidence the 12 team playoff format should be 11 SEC teams then 1 other spot for either a BIG10/PAC12/BIG12 school.

  15. I guess I need to add the /s lmao. SEC really lives rent free in here.

  16. We will give you guys a break from the hate and jokes after today don’t worry

  17. Prestidigitation is just a Cantrip, you're gonna need a higher level spell and some decent rolls to pull this one out.

  18. First team that gets a stop (any stop) wins.

  19. The 2017 Rose Bowl remains by far my favorite game I've ever seen in which we unfortunately lost. Looking forward to playing you more in the Big Ten!

  20. 5 punts in the first quarter, where are all the sickos flairs??

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