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  1. Worst answer bro. This is the worst answer.

  2. They obviously played the clean up song and its otherworldly forces compelled every fiber of the otters being

  3. I don't always watch the charts, but when I do, everything feels like it's teetering on the edge of breaking high or complete destruction

  4. My buddy at work goes off on $Qnt saying it’s banging and nobody knows what they got under their nose 👀👀👀

  5. What, how Iran is complicit in the murder of Ukrainians?

  6. Complicit? How about responsible for... from Iran sending drones to Russia.

  7. The best is when you spend a bargain amount on food and it's surprisingly amazing

  8. Anytime Banh Mi is involved in my life is a good time in my life.

  9. People generally miss the point these days. It's impossible to get people to understand there's better ways of doing things when they are angry and stubborn.

  10. Uh, I don't know where you've been for the last few years, but it's been failing horribly.

  11. Yeah? And people rode horses until World War II. Whats your point exactly? That a 10 year old technology hasn't reached mainstream success yet, therefore it's doomed?

  12. The automobile's problem was that it was temporarily unaffordable. Cryptocurrency's problem is that it's a scam, and that isn't temporary; the entire purpose of cryptocurrency is to scam people.

  13. I've never seen this level of damage control at all, much less from an unreleased video.

  14. You'd think it was pay per view and the cops were the promoter.

  15. Regarded unless quick flip. 3 month trend has shown no sign of letting up

  16. Yep, going to try get it. Hoping I can do it all from the Reddit app.

  17. You dare disparage Doom? No man is smarter than Doom!

  18. Doom took the Beyonder's powers and saved multiple universes' of humanity with one stroke!

  19. Dry ice will stay low to the ground because it's cooler, fog will just dissipate into the air.

  20. You can also get fog machines with chillers built in to get a similar effect without dry ice.

  21. Ms Marvel was terrible and boring. That was a slog to get through. All the genie nonsense was atrocious. That character needs to be killed off by Kang.

  22. Glad you liked MCU’s That’s So Raven. I’m to old for that show I think.

  23. I'm 38. I enjoyed it for what it is and I read the comics, was nice to see it on screen and the themes of Pakistani families was great to engage in on screen, there's not too many Pakistani super heroes in American film. Perhaps if you weren't represented very much, you'd enjoy it as well.

  24. May I ask what would stop companies for hiring oversees cheap labor to work remotely? I’m just curious if such trend is already happening or is going to happen.

  25. Hell, why would anybody other than a child want to rewatch the same movie that many times? There’s so many good movies out there those people haven’t seen. And I think it’s more interesting to talk to people who have seen many movies.

  26. I find it more interesting to talk to someone who has an encyclopedic knowledge about a few films vs someone who's casually watched hundreds...

  27. Right? Do these people’s memories just really suck or something?

  28. Some movies are like songs, you wanna say your favorite lines because you think about them during your day. There's also no way to catch absolutely every detail on a couple watches.

  29. Why hasn't my purchase plan on computershare cleared? The money went through days ago

  30. Just gotta be patient. If it was easy, we'd have locked the float already

  31. If anyone actually read the article it says very clearly yes, this is the case. It’s about high rent areas.

  32. It's also because compared to its competitors, Regal sucks

  33. Wow, if anything would make me want to picket more- it would be a slap in the face such as this. Unless of course their demands are- a cup of chili, then we are all good. F'in ridiculous, and the Flight Attendants should increase their demands based on AA not negotiating in good faith.

  34. Cook a big ass vat of chili at the protest, keep it going for days

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