1. Older jewel cases are the best. They're heavy and sturdy. Salvaging the cases from old CDs that are otherwise totally unwanted makes sense.

  2. RhythmBox for listening on the PC, also for streaming (via DAAP) to my Roku Soundbridge. I don't know any other player that can work as a DAAP server!

  3. I think this is a misunderstanding of the Fermi Paradox.

  4. Please read the comment i linked i instead of commenting away without even figuring out what the post is.

  5. That "hilariously outright stupid" and "almost impossible" stuff was actually worked out in some detail by some smart people as far back as the 1980s. You don't need faster-than-light travel. You just need the drive to explore, reproduce, and colonize. It's an exponential process.

  6. This is the answer. But also take it with a grain of salt, because we don't really know what happens inside an event horizon. All we have to go by is mathematics and some physical theories stretched almost beyond recognition.

  7. I've heard of those mini-discs forever, but never seen one myself.

  8. For a tiny, two-seat, open-top sports car that can't DC fast-charge and is noisy and uncomfortable to drive long distances anyhow. . . It was never going to be a daily driver. They tend not to rack up large numbers on the odometer.

  9. Imagine it’s 1978. “Will these new electronic calculators and computer spreadsheets hinder me from learning accounting?”

  10. I suspect that most DACs now are quite good, and that differences between them tend to be overblown. That's a tendency in audio gear of all kinds. There's a lot of expensive gear where the added value is dubious.

  11. When I was a kid I swore toslink would eventually replace rca. Thought toslink was the future and everything would be optical.

  12. Yes, everything was going to be digital, optical. Not sure if good or bad that didn't happen.

  13. This is one situation where looking at audio can tell you something useful. Clipping is always nasty.

  14. Not familiar with this company. What are they doing, just buying cheap units from Crosley and Pro-ject and the like, and re-branding them?

  15. Just to be clear, this does not mean that their EVs are money losers.

  16. The real question is whether they have positive gross margins. Even Tesla had that from the beginning.

  17. That's true. Ford's EVs could be money losers. But this article, at least, isn't telling us that they are.

  18. This is a great write-up. Does anyone know any really stand-out examples of bad loudness wars mastering that I can check out via streaming. I want to hear some of if for myself.

  19. Here are a few albums that were notorious in their original CD releases:

  20. I see it somewhat differently but I lived through all these phases (ok, I don't know the OP's age).

  21. I lived through all these phases too, and I don't even disagree with anything you wrote. Yes, the CD was a wonder technology. People went gaga for it, myself included. There's a reason why so many were eager to shell out $19 (about $30 in today's money!) for a disc that cost maybe a dollar to press.

  22. I'm with you. Most of the time I'm happier getting the album as it was originally produced.

  23. Regarding the "curious" system. I must be missing something. It sounds plausible to me, unless due to orbital mechanics it's not physically possible. Which I have no knowledge of.

  24. Uh, the moon still has to orbit around the planet. It can't just sit there at a fixed position relative to the planet. Because gravity. It would fall to earth, crudely speaking.

  25. I thought about a Lagrange point. . . But it wouldn't actually be a "moon" as such, and something at L4 or L5 wouldn't be that close to the planet, and the "moon" would really just be tidally locked to the sun, just like the planet was. It's too far from what was described in the book, and it's clearly (to me at least) not what the author was thinking of.

  26. I've found ChatGPT exactly as inventive as the prompt requires it to be, no more and no less. The result often comes off similar to asking Mr Spock or Commander Data to write a story.

  27. Hmm. . . That keyboard isn't VIA compatible, is it? I really like that key layout, but only if I could assign things the way I want.

  28. Um, er, ah, ahem: it's an estimate that at times can be useful. I certainly don't depend on it. Just something useful to have when one goes under 75 miles 'estimated' range.

  29. I can only speak from my own experience. When I got the car (early 2020), the nav system was easily fooled by something as simple as a stiff headwind. The software updates that came since then, including the one to factor in weather conditions, improved its estimates greatly.

  30. Are you the original owner? That focuser makes it look like the OC I sold about 20 years ago.

  31. I am the original owner. I believe I must have bought one of the last Oak Classics that were produced. It came with a plastic helical focuser, but I didn't have it long before I bought the MoonLite focuser to replace that.

  32. Yes, "disc rot" was coined in reference to what you described - just a euphemism for deterioration that was occurring due to manufacturing issues at PDO.

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