Turned off chat in September

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  1. It reeks of insecurity and like… often if you can quell that “don’t say sorry, let’s just go!” they actually open up and play better. Almost better to have said nothing in the first place 😂

  2. Easy to quell, just quickchat "No Problem." Drives team morale up.

  3. What games do this? Because I have never heard of this being a thing in my life

  4. When I used to play League of Legends, I remember high ranking players could volunteer to review game reports. If I remember, they paid in-game currency if your vote matched the majority of all volunteers.

  5. Just because a player has the title, does not mean they play at RLCS level. My more likely guess would be they are or were a coach for a team that made it.

  6. When you first start out, your rank changes drastically. Just because you are unranked, does not mean you have no rank - it is just hidden.

  7. Most common cause is you left after forfeiting. In regular ranked you can leave immediately, in tournaments you must wait till the score screen to leave.

  8. It is a superstition that this subreddit came up with. If you break it, you are cursed to lose or cursed to get bad teammates (sort of like breaking a mirror is 7 years bad luck). So because you become cursed for breaking it, you gave the opposing team the "advantage".

  9. No calibration that I know of, chances are lower ranked players just stopped playing the mode. This causes a natural derank of everyone higher to fill in the missing percentages.

  10. We used to have it for 3s, but it was taken away for low population.

  11. In the past you would only get notification for chat bans, not throwing. Everything else was monitored, but only under special circumstances. A single report would do nothing, it likely had to take many reports or even show of proof that it happened. We even had a bunch of screenshots on Reddit pop up wondering why they were banned for unsportsmanlike conduct so we know other reports took effect.

  12. This is a bakkesmod feature only (can easily test it out by loading game without it). Sorry console players, this does not apply for you and is not an update by Psyonix.

  13. Is it actually? My friend sent me the screenshot since I'm in bed right now. I didn't think bakkes had anything where they edited the settings menu though

  14. I didn't either until I tested it about a year ago when I first heard about it.

  15. No idea what they would be referring to (best guess would be they are claiming your cheating to fast to kickoffs), but it is just another reason players use to place blame on something that isn't themselves.

  16. Bakkesmod is a 3rd party program, and as such cannot always report the correct information you are looking for. If you leave a match (usually due to losses on forfeits) before the final screen is shown, bakkesmod will not recalculate and will just carry those points over to the next game. So if you win the next game you will be around +0, perhaps even negative rating! The actual system actually awarded you +12.4 but lose -13 the game before - so bakkesmod shows -.6

  17. Just report him under the new improved Match Throwing option so he gets a potential ban anyways and move on. Not much else you could really do in that situation.

  18. There is no hard reset like you are thinking. You pick up right about where you left off last season. Placements don't mean anything after your first season played.

  19. Being plat is not enough. You must unlock plat rewards by winning enough ranked matches.

  20. When a player is first doing their placement matches they actually have TWO MMRs. This only ever happens the first time in each playlist for each player - next season the player won't have this.

  21. Have you completely closed out and restarted your game?

  22. Time travel back to Preseason and Original Season 1 and you will have it. They actually removed the system where you don't lose points back then to always get punished for leavers.

  23. Get used to it because rotation cuts will happen all the way up to SSL. See it all the time in pro twitch streams. Obviously when an SSL cuts, they usually take possession of the ball - so if your in net ready to defend your cutting teammate just takes the ball and you don't have to worry about defending anymore.

  24. Is it normal? No. Can it happen? Yes.

  25. Not new at all. I've had it happen to me since tournaments first come out. Usually I find it happens most when you queue up immediately, if the team all queues up at the same time and are in the same bracket there is a chance the system just bunches them together. System will never care if you played before with them only cares if it is a good match mathematically.

  26. Must be in competitive. Tournament wins do not count towards season rewards

  27. The massive MMR differences is pretty common the higher up you go. There are simply not enough teams in the same MMR queueing up for tournaments at the same time. So if your team is ranked #32 in the 1600s, and #1 is rated 2100, then that will be the tournament range to fill it up. Then the next tournament brackets will be the next best 32 teams which will be closer in range as more players/teams are representing lower and lower ratings.

  28. Casual has a system so that if you lose with bots on your team at any time, you don't actually lose rating. This happens usually pretty often when players quit casual because the game isn't going their way or they want to save casual rating since you don't lose if you leave. This causes massive inflation of ratings as players mainly can only move up and not down that often. This makes the ratings more of a combined grouping of players of playtime and skill rather than just skill.

  29. Server saw something other than what you see in the replay. Perhaps the opponent turned last tenth of a second into you, which may not be seen due to latency from server to client. You then hit their front bumper instead of their side...since they are supersonic this would make sense killing you while you bump them at high speed.

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