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  1. Would love to chat in person with some of those mods.. the snarky would disappear in a hurry.

  2. How is it bogus. You buy in a broker, stays in street name, it gets borrowed and sold to another person from a broker. 500 million turns into 1.5 billion and its legal.

  3. Tell me you are gas lighting people without telling me you are a shill. Move along shill boy.

  4. Using cash on hand to spin up a completely new business unit, is not the same as getting a new credit card to pay off the old one, like what p0pcorn just did.

  5. And yet gme is still not actually making money, yet. And in this economy won't be anytime soon. Go ahead and downvote me but I'm a gme shareholder who's being honest with themselves. Maybe you should try it.

  6. Buy AMC, APE is and has always been a dilution play to raise capital.

  7. And when AMC pays off debt via APE the whole short thesis goes away and more buyers pile in and shorts are forced to close on fundamentals alone.

  8. I 5x'ed that shit and sold, screwed over Indeed. I need more of those screwings.

  9. My grandpa pretty much had the same exact problem with his 2019 street glide. Brand new bike 3k miles stopped running in New Mexico 1200 miles from home. He had the same issue with getting a tow truck to pick him and the bike up. The Harley shop it was taken to for warranty work and to repair the destroyed crank shaft told him that it was user error and wouldn't be fixed unless he payed for it. Absolutely stupid. He got it fixed and sold it and now he is driving an Indian chieftain 2020 and has had no issues and has put 20k miles on it. He said he will never buy a Harley again.

  10. My 2001 Soft tail still runs perfectly. 🤷‍♂️

  11. Current market cap of amc alone, 3.8B. Investment in hymc at the time of purchase was 27.9m. Slow your roll math genius. 🤣

  12. I mean, it's a truck (bar an accident) that could last you near half the term of your loan if not longer. On top of that, even in the event of an accident, your insurance is replacing your car. I'm not advocating for it, but if I'd have seen the ability to wrap my current loans on my cars into my monthly payment, had no plans to sell, and would eliminate my car payment while having the same monthly mortgage payment I'd 100% do that.

  13. My 2002 Chevy truck I bought brand new is still running great. So yea, trucks are the shit.

  14. OP seems to be the one photoshopping this shit. Mods should ban him for posting this drivel.

  15. And if you read more into Judiac and Christian history, you'll see that head coverings and even sometimes face coverings for women were "basic" to both at various points in their history.

  16. Except this is happening now so who gives a flying freckle about your what about ism.

  17. And yet they shipped them off to Cape Cod already... . .

  18. Two ways to get off the list. Lower FTDs or increased outstanding share count.

  19. If AA dumped more ape on us, we will all know who's side he is on.

  20. Superstonk is 100% compromised if they removed this. Pathetic.

  21. I can't wait for this place to implode. when the locals can't afford to live here and move else where. its just a retirement place where no one works.

  22. It's already happening. Average age of people moving to cda is over 65 already. KH has meetings on this very problem all the time. This area is in no way equipped to take care of all these boomers moving here. Buckle up.

  23. We are a few months from 2022 being over. Soon 2019 will be 4 years ago. Even with an average compounded increase of 3%, you are looking at 12%. Add in an annual inflation rate for this year of 8.5% minus the normal core 2% expected, and you are looking at 18.5% above 2019 prices as the expected trend price for 2023. So, no, probably not. Late 2020 prices if you are lucky, depending on market. Maybe somewhat under that if the market overreacts.

  24. Umm most markets are WAY beyond 18.5% higher than 2019... thats not high enough for 1 year of increase in some areas...

  25. So they use their own fund, then ask for CHIPS money for the fab. Dunno if it's smart or reasonable but that's the logic they're presenting.

  26. They are shifting funds away from building up their business to pay investors. Dude, wake up. This is not sustainable. There will not be an Intel in years if they keep going down this path.

  27. Except the federal government thinks otherwise? 🤷‍♂️

  28. Like Washington state, those red state assho...er wait..

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