A glowing commendation for all to see

  1. It's a personal reason, I'm actually trying to get my real-life cat in the game and my cat is a female.

  2. sry, already did the trade. i traded something rlly dumb, the winter klicki. idk why he wanted it. it wasn't even 6 stars or ht, he just wanted it, so i let him take it. for the chronos of course. definitly worth it. he wanted it over the ostigon.

  3. Dude's brain was floating somewhere in outer space.

  4. i would say it went to space island but i don't think it reached level 10 yet

  5. All of the seasonals will go to an island, in fact Ffidyl is the next one after Carillong.

  6. is no one talking about the ghazt on crack in the background

  7. are they implying that there are galaxies that consist of milk?

  8. Hey you don't have to answer anymore the question is answered

  9. Genuine question: Why did you cast Roark and Saturn as female?

  10. yeah now that i look at his design it makes sense, i just assumed they were an all girl trio

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