Patch Notes: Season 3 Live

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  1. More like NV were unimpressive

  2. I was really looking forward to this game but it is no where near as high quality as G2 NRG.

  3. NRG are creating a montage in game 1 lmao

  4. they are £145, I haven’t bought them yet though

  5. u can see some glue stains but that’s not a big deal anyways, i would buy them

  6. okay, thanks for the help!

  7. That was a very good interview from squishy, it’s nice to see him straight after the win and it’s good to see the more professional questions being answered.

  8. I don’t watch much of EU so I never realised how great Cole and Stumpy are. I love their chemistry and as someone from the UK they have my type of humour.

  9. Not all heroes wear capes.

  10. You know what, I was pretty sad seeing OXG lose here but seeing the NRG boys cracking up, especially Squishy wholeheartedly laughing, kinda makes up for it. Love seeing players showing emotions after winning

  11. How is a team that can sweep G2 losing to Oxygen in that fashion?

  12. That’s a poor choice of words Corelli

  13. Why are you sick of it? It obviously works no?

  14. Idk what has happened with squishy’s offence throughout rlcs X it was only last season he was nailing doubles against top teams. But nowadays it just seems like he can’t find the back of the net at the same consistency as Garrett and Justin can against these top teams.

  15. Garrett is playing inspired rocket league

  16. I feel like squishy is very underrated by the rlesports community. He’s so consistent even when Garrett and Justin are failing.

  17. I also think that he has one of the best mentalities in the game along side Garrett.

  18. I’m still very unhappy about how NRG played there. We shouldn’t have let them win a game never mind go to game 5. I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried for tomorrow.

  19. You have to give credit to G2, it ain’t just NRG throwing

  20. I don’t think “decent” is much of a compliment

  21. Received the boost reward for Grand Champion, but not the title - is this a known issue?

  22. I’m having the exact same problem, I’m relieved it’s not just me

  23. The confidence of queso rn

  24. The musty fan boys in chat are so annoying

  25. Or just sub in musty so they shut up

  26. I’m happy to see the G2 boys laughing and having a good time while winning. Hopefully they go far in this regional for rizzo

  27. You should probably just be better than Rogue then. Xset literally beat them. NRG worse than Xset? Better hope they're better than Charlotte Phoenix at least or else you've got nothing else to blame.

  28. I’m not panicked lmao ofc they’re better than Xset and CLT. Rogue had a stinker yesterday that’s why they lost to Xset.

  29. If you’re a rogue fan you should be incredibly happy of your team, they’re are arguably the best team in NA with NRG and are showing incredible consistency against the top teams.

  30. Most definitely. People were calling regional 3 a fluke but they played too damn well in that tournament for it to be one and this one just proved it. There is most definitely a big 4 in the NA and Rogue is in it.

  31. 100%. And the scariest thing about this team is the fact they’re all young players with an insanely high skill ceiling. I’m very interested as to where rogue goes in the future but I can only imagine upwards from here.

  32. Squishy smiling all series. You love to see it :)

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