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  1. They are glass beads. The theory is they act to absorb some of the heat from the vapor before it hits your mouth. This stem is by high artisan, I recommend it

  2. Sorry no pics of terps. Busy day. I will post when i get home if anyone is interested 😁

  3. No problem! Sorry, i hate it when people dont post terps, then i went and did it 🤣 It was all so good and i was so excited i couldn't wait lol

  4. Closest thing I’ve seen is temple balls I believe they’re called by Standard or Revel. I haven’t tried them and I’m Not too savvy what they are but I believe it’s pretty close to hash. Someone correct me if wrong

  5. It’s nice seeing these posts after months of disappointment that the original launch brought a lot of fans. AoE is back baby!

  6. I have such a hard time describing the toke lol I’m really pleased with it though. I have a high tolerance and this still does the job just fine for me. I think it’s more of a indica leaning hybrid personally which I’m fine with. I’d deff buy it again at the price I got it for and would highly recommend at least trying. I vaporized some the other night and I got a little bit of a fruity taste but nothing overwhelming. Overall, really pleased

  7. I’m going to call/take back to dispensary.

  8. I don’t think you’re being paranoid personally. With all of the concerns around Klutch on this form lately, I’d say leaning on the side of caution is a smart move on your end. I haven’t been in the program as long as some others but I’ve bought plenty of carts/pods and none have had the dusty bag like you mentioned.

  9. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Meigs, never tried it Myself because of that. Might have to give this strain a shot though. Great pictures!

  10. I’ve had the Rollins and enjoy it with coffee. I believe this is a terpinolene dominant strain but feel free to keep me honest, the blood orange concentrate from Cresco are top tier for me.

  11. Been waiting just over half an hour now with no eta. Getting 5 of these suckers ain't no way in hell I'm leaving without lmao

  12. Better hurry cuz they're already out of one.of em.lol and it tastes amazing effects were amazing too def worth the money and I wish I had got more lol

  13. I’ve heard they are kinda overrated for the cost they are but having said that, I would like some temple balls which are hash based. Could extend your smoke session if that’s your aim

  14. For what it’s worth, I’ve had both the bio j and jungle cake and they are both great. If I had to pick a fave amongst the two, I’d say the bio j. Deff one of the better options at Sunnyside due to the discount as well.

  15. How’s the taste on that? Pretty much everyone I’ve had tastes the same, except for Rollins (based on Terps). You may have swayed me (I’m an easy pleaser) to make my next pickup a bio-j

  16. The taste is great! Tbh, the best tasting vape from them though IMO is the dosidos x pp punch. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed

  17. Go find Super Lemon Haze by Butterfly Effect. It's a game changing Sativa 💜

  18. I just ordered a Uni Pro from these guys yesterday. Obviously can't speak on shipping yet....

  19. I got my uni pro from there and it took maybe a week tops to get to me. Totally worth it though.

  20. I walked into Planet Caravan yesterday and bought one for anyone in Cincy.

  21. Good looking out! I failed to Mention that after I ordered mine, I did see some in stock at my local smoke shop. I would think a local vape shop might have them as well. Might be worth calling and checking to see

  22. It’s worth the investment. I use my often and you’ll likely find yourself using less flower overall as well.

  23. Imo, vaporizers are the way to go if you’re looking to prioritize taste. A nice one is pretty costly but it’s been worth the investment for me. The volcano is a solid, tried and true option from Storz and Bickel. They also make a portable vaporizer called the Mighty+ that I’ve heard nothing but good things about. I know what you mean though, even out of a clean bong, the taste doesn’t really compare to vaporizing it. Aside from that, maybe try something like a recycler?

  24. For real though, I think it was how flat it was, the farm fields, and the trees at the edge of the farm field. Just reminded me a lot of when I was teenager driving through Ohio.

  25. Central or North West Ohio?

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