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  1. Please share your experience with this strain. I am considering this one by Woodward. Thanks.

  2. Sunnyside Cincinnati is a great example of it. Go to verilife or zen leaf and you actually get to wait inside. Weird considering Sunnyside is the #1 dispo in ohio they could definitely do better but actively choose to ignore the issues.

  3. The baseball shop next door closed up shop. Sunnyside should make an offer on that space for a waiting area, if they value their patients.

  4. Just started using my Pax 3 again, honestly it depends on if you have the right accessories imo. The regular screen insert that comes with the pax is not the best and doesn't allow for great airflow.

  5. Thank you for the information! My Pax 3 just sits on the charger now. Mouthpiece gets too hot and restricted airflow are my only real major complaints, especially for $250. I will definitely look into these accessories for my Pax 3 because right now it's just an expensive paper weight in all honesty. Hopefully these accessories aren't super expensive and change the way I feel about my Pax 3.

  6. I wouldn't say you've wasted your money yet... At least I thought I saw you mention that you weren't that familiar with the settings and how to use it.

  7. Thank you for the feedback. That last paragraph is the answer I was looking for!! I agree wholeheartedly and your analogy on pills was spot on!!! Same exact principle with flower. You basically confirmed what I wanted to hear. It is a deterrent for those who want to congregate and use "recreationally" in public. Great minds think alike. 😉

  8. What dispensary did you find this at? This is the only strain from galenas I want.

  9. Verilife Cincinnati has it in a half oz right now of you're still interested. 169 I think

  10. N.L. is definitely not what I remember 35 years ago but it's a decent strain to try by Fireland Scientific. The last batch I received was poorly trimmed, unfortunately. No issues with any other FS strains though.

  11. When do these sneak peeks become more available?

  12. It came around a week later in larger quantities and it was nothing compared to this. Tiny budlets, dry, and definitely not as potent as the 1st batch in the picture. Not impressed with the two 5.66 I purchased my second time around. I'll definitely be looking closer at the buds next time before I purchase. They pulled the ole bait n switch on me. Lesson learned.

  13. You do not have to go "big money" to protect your Jeep on the trails. Smittybilt Mag Armor Magnetic Side Skins are 15 pieces and comes in all-black. Crazy simple to install and remove.as they are magnetic!!! Simple to clean. Best 200 bucks I've spent to protect my Jeep. Takes every bit of 3 minutes to place them on your Jeep and go!. Ordered them from Morris 4x4 online. You're welcome. 😉

  14. That's the one! Only you and 1 other person mentioned this!! Shhhhh don't tell too many peiple lol...

  15. what happened to klutch super lemon dog? this was better than slushee imo

  16. I haven't seen it around in a while... haven't seen a lot of Klutch products like Sherbhead or Bighead either in a while.

  17. I wasn’t into the idea of a wrangler becoming a family vehicle, but as many unlimiteds as I see in the road, a lot of people were into it

  18. I'm single. Kids grown. Bought a brand new Unlimited in 2015. I look at the 2 door and I'm like "WHERE'S THE BEEF?" I would not change a thing! Back seat belongs to my dog... I mean honestly, to each their own, but since we're Jeep bashing.... lol

  19. Well, I assumed you’re a valid cardholder as you’re purchasing from them and in their building.

  20. I have witnessed on numberous occasions where Sunnyside employees have asked customers, such as myself, to put away all cellular devices for the privacy of other "patients". I only know one thing for certain; my privacy will be honored or someone can loose their "medical" business.

  21. Hey, how do you use your medicine? Vape? Because combustion is illegal in your state.

  22. I picked up ghee butter and lembas dough both are fire

  23. Got the ghee butter but haven't tried it yet. I'm excited to give it a try soon!!

  24. You will need a license plate relocation bracket for your spare. Unless you have another spot you're going to use. Quadratic, ExtremeTerrain, and Amazon all have what you need. I have the Rough County bracket on my spare. Its was about 75 bucks. Hope this helps!

  25. We'll just have to agree to disagree. I (should) have posted a gorgeous nug, however, the topic was strickly about the complaints people were posting about Robots. I will post pictures of flowers outside the container from now on. Cool my brudda?

  26. Yes. That would be like you posting a picture of a pizza box and saying, smells so good, pepperonis definitely smell spicy on this one. But.. Issa pizza box.

  27. It is listed as one but everything is essentially a hybrid and this one (imo) at least can relax you a fair bit more than you expect but it’s mostly sativa leaning

  28. I feel the same way about Animal Face by Woodward. They say it's a sativa leaning hybrid, but it definitely will leave me feeling lazy if I'm just sitting alone not doing anything. Other sativas have me cleaning and doing all kinds of busy work lol. I love how every strain effects everyone differently. It's interesting to read.

  29. This post is super ironic!! I am literally toking on Fireland Scientific's Salty Watermelon RIGHT NOW while reading this! Crazy lol. Grabbed a 2.83 from Verilife since the pickings were slim at the time. My batch was hand trimmed, but it is definitely an amazing sativa. I will be going back for more!! FS is definitely a top tier supplier, imo!

  30. My JK is 7 years old. I bought it new in 2015 and haven't had any issues until now. Chrysler Motor Company isn't "fighting" me on my motor damage complaint either. It could be a win, win for me.

  31. Yessir. That's the plan. Sitting at the dealership waiting to get looked at next week.

  32. Flower looks heavily coated in trichromes, with a slight hue of purple sporadically. My answer is no. It looks exactly how it's supposed to. However, if you're still uncertain, please send to me for testing and further inspection 💨

  33. I went into Verilife just to see if I could get one before they were on the online menu, they had them in the building but didnt have them in the system yet so they couldnt sell one to me:( I’m about to reserve mine for after work tomorrow lol

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