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  1. It felt everything sadly they have pain receptors in there shells 😢

  2. If you cannot defeat þe enemy have a better vocabulary þan þe enemy.

  3. i’d rather learn something that’ll actually be useful in a conversation not this useless bullshit

  4. only conqueror troops can take lands. When you train your troops go to the conquer tab, those are the only ones who can take a province/city.

  5. That has to be irony, promoting white supremacy while dressed as a character that would absolutely murder you solely for being a white supremacist. Clearly, he is not a true Joker fan.

  6. Idk BitLife doesn’t even give you the option to have a baby at 13 it just randomly happened

  7. Bruh I get perm banned for saying boo hoo cry me a river. Y’all get offended way to easily grow up. There will always be racism and nobody will be able to stop it. Sit down children welcome to life.

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